Who knows much about clay teapots? (Thrift shop teapot)

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tperez said

Geez, can we trade thrift shops? Lol the ones near me almost never have any teaware besides the occasional British style pots/sets.

The bamboo teapot looks like a yixing, is there a stamp on the bottom? I don’t think I’ve seen any with writing carved into the lid.

I’d recommend poking around teachat.com (another forum) I prefer the Steepster community, but there’s some folks on Teachat that are very knowledgeable about teawares, and you’ll probably have a better chance of finding someone who can read the engravings there too.

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Yes, after not getting much info here beyond what I already knew, I hit up teachat. They were indeed able to help me. Someone was able to translate the seals at least and I found one of them:



And while perhaps not accurate, suggests they are selling them for 580-800 yuan, which is $93-129; which means, I got a deal for two dollars.

tperez said

Wow, nice

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I am going to try and trade one of the purple kyusus, for a smaller yixing pot more suitable for oolong, which is basically all I drink.

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