STEEPSTER HOARDERS, here's something that MIGHT help!


I have found a very helpful app to help manage my tea supplies. With so many teas in the cupboard, I find it hard to know exactly what I have in inventory. Steepster’s cupborad is great, but you can’t group search on many specific criteria. So i’ve been looking for quite some time for a tea app hat would let me manage my supply easily. Never found one that really made my life easier.

Until I looked closely at an existing app I had purchased but never used…A wine app! I thought, hey! let’s think outside the box and see how it goes…

It’s called «My Best Wine» available on iTunes and it works great for tea!

You can group search and browse by the following categories:

DOMAINE (I write the tea company name)
REGION (I write the tea name)
TYPE (I write Oolong, Black, watever will help me filter a certain type of tea in my search)
YEAR (I write the harvest or the purchased year)

Depending of your own customized method, it works great in so many ways!

Another feature I really like is the «in stock» field where you can enter a number. It’s designed for the numbers of bottles you currently own of a specific wine. I use it for how many ounces I have in stock so 1 = 1 ounce instead of one bottle!

You can also put a price tag, add a picture, write a note, and rate with stars.

My 5 stars items are the ones I want in my permanent collection so by rating them 5stars, I don’t have to trace back an old review to figure out if I had liked it enough to buy or reorder.

To me, it’s been the perfect complementary tool to Steepster. If ever I don’t have a wi-fi connection, I can still look at my cupboard. It’s a great tool to QUICKLY figure out what you have.

I thought I’d share this with you here, cause I know many of you Steepsterites are tea hoarders just like me :-)

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Nicole said

That sounds like a good idea. My mom is not on Steepster and likely won’t be since she feels she doesn’t really have time for the community aspect of it or for writing reviews. However, she has mentioned several times over the last year that she needs to start keeping track of what she likes and where she got it so she can replenish her stocks when they get low. Thanks for the heads-up!

Nicole, I think this would be perfect for your mom then :-)

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Sil select said

interesting idea. I’ll have to see if that might work for me as a secondary tool :)

Sil, that’s exactly what it is for me, a secondary tool…might not work for everyone, but it’s great for me. I’m slowly logging in what I have, that may take a while though :-)

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Lynxiebrat said

What is the cost of the App? Can it be downloaded on a computer?

Lynxiegrl, it’s only 1.99 in iTunes App Store… As for downloading on a computer, I’m afraid it’s not possible. These apps are created for mobile devices only. But there may be something similar available as a software… you’d have to look for organizers I guess, some type of recipe folder might also work, maybe you already have something installed on your computer that you never thought could work for this purpose :-)

Lynxiebrat said

LOL. I detest making spread sheets. That is the only thing that I currently have on my computer that would come close to being similiar. Ahh well.

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Dustin said

And I thought this thread was going to suggest ways I could STOP hoarding! :)

Hahaha! Dustin, on the contrary, we strongly recommend and encourage tea hoarding here :-)

Lala said

I heard a good quote today: “It’s not hoarding if you use it.”

So I take that to mean, its ok to have hundreds of teas in your cupboard if you are drinking them (even if you bring it in at a faster rate then you drink it). Ha ha.

Lala, you and I live by the same rules!

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Love the app! Thx Tea Fairy :)

Yay! Glad you like it :-)

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Cavocorax said

That’s a great idea. I’ll have to check BlackBerry World to see if I can find a similar app there.

Cavocorax, hope you find one as good as this one (BTW, love your new pic, so darn cute!!)

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Nicole said

I feel like an old fogey here, asking about this new fangled app thingy but… I can’t seem to enter a star rating? Anyone know how to do that? Seems like you should just be in Edit and then click the appropriate star. Wonder if my version is not working correctly.

Nicole, what you’re doing seems right. I have it on iPad2 and now that you’ve mentioned it, I noticed I must hold my finger a little and not just tap the star for it to work…good luck :-)

Nicole said

I deleted and reinstalled it and now it seems to work fine when I hold a bit on the star as you suggested! Thanks!

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Josie Jade said

Does this back up the info you enter? What if you have to reset your phone, do you lose everything you already entered?

Josie Jade, yes it syncs and saves with iCloud!

Josie Jade said

Oh yay! I had to ask, there have been so many times that I’ve lost everything on an app. I’m excited about using this. Does it work on iPad too?

I agree, what a bummer that is! I’m liking this app more and more as I use it, it’s really helping and it looks great when you browse through the scroll feature! To answer your question, it’s universal so if you use iPhone AND iPad, your data will be available on both :-)

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