Spring 2013 Flush Update - Please share Positive Vibes for Difficult Weather

Aloha everyone, Elyse from Tealet (www.tealet.com). We are preparing for the next flush of 2013 and have been getting many updates from grower friends. Rajiv Lochan from Bihar, India says they are suffering from a drought among other difficulties and Ayumi Kinezuka of Shizuoka, Japan says that the Shincha is ready but there has been significant frost damage over the past few days. For the sake of a healthy and delicious 2013 tea season please share your positive vibes and wish for the best! Anybody else heard any news?

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Aww baby tea sadness! Sending positive vibes


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Just got an update from Rajiv that rainy is on its way to Doke! He made me feel special by saying he heard the storm is coming from Hawaii, maybe the well wishing worked!

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