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Tea/food from around the world...Tea Party!

So my mystery tea party will be underway this weekend. It’s looking like a blast as we’ve had practice twice with all the characters. So I’m already thinking about my next party. I’m thinking of doing tea from around the world and pairing tea from different countries with food from that country. Since we have so many international members I’m hoping you can all help. I’m looking for food recipes that are authentic to your country and that I could also make here. We do have a World Market which I can sometimes get international ingredients or if members are willing to send me ingredients (that don’t weigh too much for shipping costs).

Here are the countries I’m thinking of so far – would love to hear from ANY members from ANY country on ideas! I need teas special to that country too.

United Kingdom (thinking of separating Ireland, Scotland and England)
United States (could have a couple of these)
Africa (not sure which countries from here – would probably be rooibos?


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Indian food would be amazing. Some chaat foods or samosas with an Assam would be pretty great.

darby select said

AH! Didn’t think of that one! I’ll add it to the list.

I love the idea for this party. I hope you will post some pictures next week. :)

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Thai food and Thai iced tea mmmmmm :) you could do satay maybe?

And curry!

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Kaylee said

Turkish tea with borek, sesame rings, baklava, and/or bird’s nests.

If you want to get fancy with the Russian tea, add a bit of caviar on crackers with a squeeze of lemon.

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momo said

I have this: http://www.amazon.com/Studio-Oh-Mini-Recipes-Royal-Tea/dp/B005IZOGQG and it is amazing.
But it’s not entirely country based so I will tell you those are:

France: Darjeeling and Pleyel cake: http://www.londonerlife.com/la-maison-du-chocolat-chocolate-pleyel-cake-recipe/
Japan: green tea and green tea ice cream
Morocco: mint tea and Moroccan serpent cake: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Mhanncha-Snake-Cake-361411 (you could also just use premade almond paste)
China: jasmine tea and jasmine tea cookies

and there’s several England type pairings
Earl Grey and fruit tarts
any tea with a royal name (Earl Grey, Queen Catherine etc) with Queen of Puddings http://britishfood.about.com/od/psrecipes/r/queenofpuddingsrecipe.htm
whatever you want with scones (so specific right)
India: chai and cardamom cookies
Russia: Russian Caravan and Marco Polo Cake (this looks to be a creation of their own, it’s bars with coconut and lemon glaze on top)
Scotland: Keemun and shortbread cookies

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darby select said

Hi everyone! Looks like I’m approved to work on this now so I’ll need more suggestions.

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