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Loose Tea vs. Tea Bags

Although there are many levels to the topic of loose tea vs. tea bags, I found myself recently justifying the cost effectiveness of loose tea. Personally the taste of paper is enough to select loose but - for others, I found this interesting article.


I especially enjoyed the following quote:

“Tea drinkers are very loyal but demand high quality products …”

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liltea said

i love loose tea and would not have it anyother way. i use a reusable organic tea bag that i purchased at whole foods and it works great. you can buy them direct at organicteabagcompany.com enjoy

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Our blog did something on this topic too!


And loose leaf can also be a lot more “green”: if you chose to use a strainer you can save so many trees by not using the bag! Of course, there is some convenience in the bag… but the strainer isn’t too bad!

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I prefer loose leaf. However, I am not opposed to bagged tea and drink it on occasion, especially when convenience is a priority.

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Spot52 select said

I use tea bags when I am working. I do not have a set building where I can leave a teapot, but there is a hot water spigot on most coffee pot setups. So I carry tea bags around with me.
I also use tea bags at home in certain circumstances:
Yogi health tea (throat coat)
Irish Breakfast for milk tea
Iced tea preparations (rooibos and black tea)
But when I want a nice cup at breakfast or in the evening, it is loose leaf for sure. And honestly this is the majority of the time. But there are times those bags are ideal.

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