Is Everybody Ok? Boston?

I was just think about all the people hurt in Boston and I hope and pray that you guys are safe and well. Praying for everyone

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Lala said

There were about 22 people from my area that were in Boston, many of them running. Almost everyone is safe and accounted for. A few people have not been heard from but are presumed to be unhurt. UPDATE: everyone from my area accounted for and safe.

Praying for everyone.

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Great to hear that, am praying for everyone

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Lazey said

I was just in Boston last week (Went to David’s Tea on Washington, great place) I saw some signs for the Marathon and thought that would be something fun to see even though I’m not into sports.

I love that city and always have a good time there. So many things to see and the people are mostly good folks. Very saddened by what happened yesterday. :(

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lcg842 said

Hi Steepsters,

Thank you for this wonderful thread/post! I am a native Bostonian, and live just outside of the city. Last week’s event at the Marathon was terrifying. And the days after the event were even scarier! Luckily, I am okay, and everyone I know is okay.

Glad to know you are ok :) Been praying for you guys up there.

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