Tea Cocktails/Blended Drinks

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ifjuly said

Here’s one I actually just stumbled on from Steepster’s FaceBook, ha: http://www.snippetandink.com/signature-cocktail-sparkling-sweet-tea

I love St. Germain in place of sweetener in drinks during the summer so I will definitely be trying it at some point. Also wondering if this tactic of putting the tea in the simple syrup instead of the vodka makes for a smoother drink, which might help me with my dilemma upthread…

Anyanka said

Oh, thanks for this one, I have some St. Germain I keep forgetting to drink. The elderflower concentrate at Ikea is nice too for a (cheap) nonalcoholic alternative.

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Lala said

I used Stash mojito mint matcha green tea and steeped it in rum overnight. I added sugar and club soda. It turned out ok. Not genuine mojito but a good enough tea version. It could have used a bit of fresh lime.

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Sil select said

bumping this one for some folks

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