Save 15% & Win a $25 gift certificate @ Culinary Teas

We have so many great sales going on right now at Culinary Teas! We have 10% off all Tea Presses and 20% off our new portable Tea Roadie press as well as 20% off the old favorite Queen Mary Tea. On top of all those great deals we have a 15% off everything coupon which stacks for as much as 40% off some items. We are also giving away a $25 gift certificate!

Candie Y

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MelissaTea said

I think you inadvertently stuck an extra “l” before the “n” in your link. (I do stuff like that all the time and I may have even done it in this post.)

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Anyanka said

Once I drink down some of the teas I have now, I’m going to give Culinary Teas a try – I think I’d love Lady Londonberry, Pecan Pie, and Scottish Breakfast. Plus, you guys have samples and samples are the best.

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Audra said

I think it’s so awesome that you guys do free shipping for military personnel! Is there any way to claim both coupons (TROOPS and APR1613)? Getting ready to place my order…

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Thanks Melissa for the heads up. My fingers go faster than my brain way to often.

Audra we don’t support using both coupons so my suggestion is to use the one that gives you the biggest discount.

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