When Mother Nature Has You Trapped

We have had nothing be rain, thunder, lightening, and hail these past few days and now a ton of flooding and closed streets in the Chicago area. I am only feet away from potential disaster as I live right near the wetlands. The water has already started overflowing. Soon the wetlands and I will be roommates, though I hope not.

So, my question is…
What teas do you enjoy on days like these when your trapped at home because of Mother Nature?

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anything and everything…starting with Cocomint :) and sipping on samples!

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stay safe!

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Lala said

I just hunker down. Open the blinds/curtains to see Mother Nature’s latest gift. Put on my pj’s and do a major sipdown. Or sometimes its a firstsip, of all the teas in my cupboard I haven’t opened yet. And just enjoy the tea because there is not much else you can do :)

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I say go for the expensive stuff and treat yourself. I hope you don’t get any flooding. Sending positive vibes your way.

Uniquity said

+1! If flooding has the potential to ruin your tea, might as well drink the good stuff. Joking aside, I truly hope that the waters recede. Floods are scary.

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yyz said

Assuming I am not at risk, sometimes I covet these days. If it’s chilly and it’s available I’ll light a fire in the fire place. If I’m with company we may play games or watch movies, or If I’m alone, I’ll read a thick book, with either a nice bottle of wine or something warm, tea, coffee, or chocolate, depending on my mood.

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Rie said

Take care!!

Perhaps a session with a resilient oolong? The constant boiling and pouring of water will keep you warm, and there’s more than enough time for a good, solid, long session when you’re trapped like that.

Or something bright and happy, a nice flavored tea, to manifest positive vibes from a cheerful cup.

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I don’t really have a go to tea for rainy/bad weather days yet. Lol. Most of the stuff I have in my cupboard I haven’t even had a chance to try so on bad weather days (or on regular days even) I just stay in my pjs and pick a couple new teas with a good book or a few movies, assuming I don’t have to work (which I usually do unfortunately).

I was planning on trying a bunch of them today, but unfortunately I had to run to my parent’s house that got over a foot of water in a basement that has never flooded in the 20 years they’ve owned the house and had never flooded in anyone’s memory of the previous owners. x.x Slogging through mid-calf/ankle deep water to try and move waterlogged boxes really sucks.
Wish you luck and hope you don’t end up flooded.

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chamomile. because it is usually in the evening, or hot chocolate.

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Katiek said

I’d go for something rich and soothing – preferably something with chocolate/vanilla/caramel! Stay safe!

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Great ideas everyone. I went with a lot of dark and roasty teas. The waters have receded luckily and though a lot of streets still closed. Still things are getting better. :)

Just ‘cause I’m nosy, where in the Chicago area are you?

In am in a western suburb of Chicago. :)

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