Good unflavored teas

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Sammerz314 said

Hello Petitetouale,

Davidstea is a good place to start. They have several tradition unflavoured teas such as Tieguanyin, Bai mudan and Bai Haoo Yinzhen. However, you could also try The Phoenix Collection or Silk Road Teas. Both are based out of California. They both have an enormous variety of unflavoured teas and in both cases shipping is only $15 to Canada.

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Hikari said

I would recommend Red Blossom Tea Co. They have a huge selection of unflavored teas (I don’t think they have any flavored ones at all, but I may be wrong), they do tend to be on the pricier end though, and I’ve no idea on the shipping.

Shipping seems to be reasonable, thank you!

Sil select said

Mmmm yes I quite like red blossom as well, though for some reason I never think about them as a place to order from online lol

Hikari said

I can’t really travel around and since it’s so far away, online makes an awesome choice, even though I love their store lol

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