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Just spent all of my birthday money on tea…. Oh man after this i can’t let myself buy anything for months! I think i’ll set my hiatus until school starts again; i think my huge shop will last me till then!

Cavocorax said

At least it was birthday money you spent! Seems to me that’s a good time to treat yourself!

And you’ve got all summer to enjoy it before you worry about getting more!

Yeah :) plus i’m part of a travelling tea box this summer so that’ll satisfy my cravings too :)

Basically all I got for my birthday was a variable temp kettle and tea :) :) :)

I fear any money i get is going to go towards tea! Now i’m counting down till i can get another yixing omg. I hope my next internship is paid

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Cavocorax said

I ALMOST made a purchase on IHeartTeas personal tea sale as she had some Yunnan I like, and some 52Teas I was curious about, but I got to the very end and closed the browser! :O


Why break my tea hiatus on unknown teas? Just because it’s an awesome sale doesn’t mean I need the tea. Someone else will surely enjoy it.

Cavocorax said

It’s been about two weeks without a real tea purchase (aside from the 50g of Tropicalia I bought for the baby/friends at our bbq yesteray)! I’ve had so much new tea come in (from swaps and older orders) that it’s helped distract me from getting more.

Sil select said

haha i almost bought tea from rachel as well….but i resisted too!

Good for you Cavocorax you have way more self control than I do. If I had better self control I wouldn’t have to resell so many. However, it is for a good cause I need more room for my supplies and I am saving up to create a better professional website for my business.

I envy all of you. I wish I was as strong as you all are. :)

Cavocorax said

:) Thanks! And good luck with your sale! It seemed like tea was going quickly so I didn’t feel too bad about passing.

Cavocorax said

Sil – of course you were tempted! I’m not surprised, but kudos for staying strong!

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Della Terra is tempting me with their new flavours- I want to try all five.

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Ahahaha, This thread is like Tea alcoholic anonymous. I seriously am becoming a tea hoarder though. I think what gets me the most is 52 Teas, since their teas are limited and always sound so inciting. That and Verdant Teas. It has been better, since I got there monthly tea box, but there always seems to be more tea’s that I want to buy from them. I bought a $20 order (after coupon code) from them with the logic that I had a coupon, and that I need my favorite summer tea blend (8 treasure yabo) and i needed to try some more tea samples from them for my blog. I want to get more, but with the expenses that are coming up for school crud (don’t get me started) I need to wait a month or two; then I can go halvesies with my mom to stock up on their black tea.

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Emily M said

Hello everyone! Long time no see! Hopefully everyone’s hiatus is going just the way they had intended, and if not, hopefully you’ve got some awesome new tea to try! =)

I’ve kinda lost track of how long its been since I bought any tea…probably over two months or close to three. Who knew I could even do that!? I haven’t been around Steepster much lately, which I’m sure has helped to some degree, though I miss everyone’s posts and tasting notes. It also helps that life got super busy for me and I didn’t have time to shop around much. So I guess it’s been less willpower and more distraction for me.

I’ve always noticed that I buy way more tea in the fall/winter than in the spring/summer, anyway. Anyone else have that trend?

Luckily this hiatus has given me a chance to not only save some funds, but sipdown on teas. Hopefully I can get my stash down to a reasonable number and start buying a little more again. Just visiting this site today I found some tea I’d love to try!

Good luck, everyone!

Sil select said

i’m totally finding it to be way easier to hold back on buying teas in summer than in winter haha

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I make loose leaf at my desk in the office.
I can have tinned loose leaf shipped and pick it up at reception.
…and I can make it to Lupicia SF and back in the span of my 1 hour lunch break.

I think I’m pretty much just screwed.
This is the side of my cubicle-desk to the right of my monitors/keyboard:

The round tins are Lupicia, the box-tins are Peet’s. The pitcher/pots are Lupicia Handy Coolers, and the cup-looking thing next to them is actually to set the basket in when you’re done steeping so as not to make a mess. I got the awesome 3g scoop at Lupicia as well.

Even though I drink a few cups of tea a day, I have too much to ever finish, and it takes all my willpower not to go back to Lupicia and pick up those few other single-origin shinchas I don’t have yet, before they run out. Or maybe some white tea… etc.

I love it! They are so beautifully arranged, like a store display! My tea shelves never look that good!

I have to tell you, when I first looked at your bio picture, I thought it was a tray of sushi, like a bento box, LOL.

I am loving your tea station set up. (8^D)

darby select said

That is beautiful! Makes me want to buy some tea. You are so lucky to be by Lupicia! I have to buy online and buy most of their stuff for the special tins! LOL

Nice display! Your tea zen is a graceful response to the cubicle environment.

Lynxiebrat said

Lol…love bento boxes!

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I cracked finally, and just used my lunch break to make a Lupicia run… I was missing 2 of the 4 single origin shincha for this year and I just couldn’t deal. If they’d sold out…

…which left me with 2 more spots on my Lupicia stack if it was to keep looking even, so I bought their earl grey limited art tin edition, and the blueberries+cassis black to complete the row.

…and then I noticed they had peppermint white back in stock. which is so voluminous that it comes in an extra tall tin which looks fine sitting to the side.

tea shelf: +5


*lupicia is actually able to make an earl grey not only not boring, but absolutely captivating. seriously, geniuses.

Rie said

Lupiciaaaaaaaa tins (* O*) and tea
Geniuses. Dangerous geniuses…
Your collection is amazing!!

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graceatblb said

Birthday order done. So now I will be on another hiatus for…a very VERY long time. I have 18 cakes including the new order. 18!!! Is that even sane?

Sil select said


HOLY COW. Are they the kind you store for years, or ones you drink right away?

graceatblb said

They’re all pu’er so the kind you store for years. But I don’t think any of them will survive for so long.

Whew! What a relief, there really are other people on steepster that have way more puer than I have, LOL. I can come out of the closet as a puer cake hoarder now!

graceatblb said

One day I am going to be on an episode of Hoarders. Just me, books, pu’er cakes and a tea set up. It’ll be epic.

Some day when I get old & leave this world, my kids will have to go through all of my things, which will include lots of musical instruments, sheet music, harp string, etc, & multiple stashes of tea, along with lots of paraphernalia. Oh, & boxes & piles of books, including journals that date back to my teens.

graceatblb said

I feel bad for those who have to deal with what I leave behind. I’m a hoarder of so many things. The books alone would make any sane person sit in a corner and talk to a hand puppet. At least my tea is organized, my books are everywhere.

Sil select said

Can’t wait until we get a house….with proper air conditioning so that I an buy cakes and not feel like I’m going to ruin them!

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My boss decided that too many people were mistakenly thinking something was on fire and might pull the alarm, and so made me take my Lapsang Souchong home (lol)

Naturally, to maintain the geometric arrangement of my tins, I had to go buy the peet’s anniversary breakfast blend to replace it

the ultimate aftermath of today:

i am not letting myself buy any tea until at least half of this is gone.

Lynxiebrat said

LOL, Terri is right, at 1st glance your picture does look like Sushi. Meh. Been trying to ignore my craving for sushi, last night I was reading reviews for Asian markets around me, on YELP, and my closest one (Which I’ve been to to shop many times.) has a Sushi dining section, but I’ve never done it because it is usually closed or crazy busy or it’s not in my budget. So if I get any at all it is the prepackaged.

LOL about the Lapsang Souchong. When I had some from a sample almost a year ago, my Dad woke up with a dream about a campfire. Then he came in the kitchen and made the ‘horrible face’ and complained that it smelled like wet dog.

Hopefully your boss doesn’t make you take anymore of your tea at home…wish I had a job that I could drink tea all day, well I suppose I could now, but not with my next job. (As a Nurses Aide. Most places don’t allow staff to have food and drinks while working.)

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Chizakura said

I’m doing really well. Today’s the 20th of June, and I still haven’t broken my hiatus! Woohoo! I only ordered my monthly Butiki, and I haven’t cheated with Verdant either. (I did my ‘June’ Verdant order back in May, and sure enough I haven’t ordered from them this month, so that order is still the ‘June’ order! :D … though it’s long gone. lol)

Part of what’s keeping me under control is doing the daily visit at Verdant to earn some points. I did the math and figured out that if I keep visiting everyday, that I’ll have enough for a coupon within the first weekish of July, so why order now when I get a coupon so soon?

I’ve also managed to sip all of my unwanted teas. The only ones left are ones that I’m figuring on icing anyway, so I’m not stressing about getting those gone just yet.

Uniquity said

I’ve been doing the same thing with Verdant, building up points via visits and then redeeming for a code. Then when I place an order, I get 1,000 more points. Yay!

Cavocorax said

I’m already at a $5 coupon, and I’ve only been able to try half of my samples (because I try to drink them on days where I won’t be rushed). I’ll probably have enough points for multiple coupons by the time I’m ready to order again. It’s nice knowing it will be there!

Also, if you’ve never redeemed before, make sure you redeem once you’re at $10 as it might take a few days before you get the coupon emailed and that can be a frustrating wait! #truth

Uniquity said

Yes, it was 3 or 4 business days between my redemption and receiving the code. One of the teas I wanted sold out a few days before I finally places my order, but I think it was worth it be able to buy a little extra without any guilt.

Chizakura said

Good to know about the redemption. Thanks for the tip! Otherwise I probably would’ve done it right when I wanted to order, and then that would’ve been painful, haha.

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