New Teas & 30% off this weekend ~ Della Terra Teas

New Teas are now available online:
Key Lime Pie, The Emperor’s Pu-Erh, and Chocoberry Blue.

Use Coupon Code DTNEW30 to receive 30% off your order.

*Coupon is not available on Try me packs

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Cavocorax said

I’ll be buying the chocoberry for sure – I might just have to wait a month before I can order!

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Is more rooibos coming? Those sound good, but that’s my favourite.

Cavocorax said

I second that. Most of my favorite non-caffeinated teas are from Della Terra.

More Rooibos will be coming very soon:)

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Courtney said

Gah I wish the Key Lime Pie was a rooibos! Though, I’ll probably still order at least a sample of it my next order hah.

If it was a rooibos wouldn’t it just be Lime Chiffon?? ;)

Courtney said

Perhaps you’re right. Who knows, it could be ever so slightly different haha! I just so love DT’s rooibos teas :)

Oh me too, and I actually wondered the same thing but the ingredients are pretty similar aside from the black tea (maybe identical, I’m too lazy to go back to check again!!)

from what I recall, lime and cream flavoring… maybe it would be a different taste though!

I already have the Lime Chiffon, but I want this to have a black tea version.

I’m interested in knowing how it compares!!

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