teachic said

Iced Tea

I have the Breville teapot and would like to brew some iced tea this summer. What flavors of tea would make the best iced tea??

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Lala said

I make a lot of iced and cold brewed teas. You can make any tea iced. It really depends on your tastes. I do a lot of fruit and herbal blends. I also like flavoured black and green teas iced. I do not like a lot of plain teas iced, ie. plain black, etc.
Just experiment and see what you like.

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I agree with Lala, the best way to know is to experiment with pretty much anything :-) It goes with your personal preferences, if you enjoy the hot version of a specific type, it is likely you will also like it iced even if they are quite different from one another sometimes!
I only cold brew my iced tea (mostly cause I’m lazy!). I have tried pretty much everything I own as a cold brew. If you like fruity blends, they always make great iced teas, but my personal favourites are green teas, such as Sencha, Dragon well, that I often mix with spearmint, a small piece of fresh ginger and 1/2 lemon. I cold brew overnight. Honey or sugar can be added, but I like it as it is, so refreshing!

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I mostly use Della Terra’s rooibos for cold brewing. The orange and cream one is so good cold. (David’s Alpine Punch is pretty good too.)

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Novi said

I’ll ice anything I’d drink as a flavored milk or juice. Which means most things are drinkable cold, as long as they’re flavored.

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