Vortegne said

What blends/tisanes would you like to see?

Hello, fellow Steepsterites!

In summer project I would like to start a small tisane/fruit tea blending project, using handpicked berries, fruits and other goodness. It’s mainly for the local tea scene, but if people would be interested, I would like to promote it on the Internet too.

I’m mainly looking forward to blending fruit mixes, herbal teas, hibiscus teas and such. Low-caffeine, refreshing and rich tastes.

That’s why I would like to ask you, folks, what blends would you like to see? Which summer fruits or berries do you like in your tea? What makes for a good cup on a cozy warm night? What unusual things do you think work good in tisanes?

I appreciate any comments and remarks, please tell me what have you got on your minds :)

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Kaylee said

A food cart at my old school has amazing berry salads with a rosewater and mint dressing. Tthat might make a great tisane, or even a proper tea with a white tea base.

Vortegne said

Mmm this with white tea base sounds delicious, thanks!

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Uniquity said

As I understand it, berries and other additives are mostly decorational and won’t add much flavour (unless you are using herbs). This is why flavouring oils are typically included in most teas. This is also why you see a lot of hibiscus in berry blends, as the hib releases far more flavour than the dried berries. Hopefully one of the many Steepsterites who have blending experience will pop in and offer some advice. :)

Vortegne said

Yes, I am aware of this fact. That’s why I usually use hibiscus as a base of some sort. Thanks for the feedback!

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