Black tea for a dodgy tummy?

I’m not British but I love the term “dodgy tummy.” We need a way to describe that feeling when your stomach is not in distress, but rather just…not…happy. I’m experiencing this sensation the morning after a bad dinner out. The storm is over, but today my tummy is definitely dodgy, and I have no peppermint or chamomile tea here at the office. So I made myself a weak cup of Upton TA49: Amgoorie Estate STGFOP1S First Flush (a smidge under one cup-weight of tea, 6 oz water off the boil for a minute, and 6 mins brew time, taken neat) and am beginning to feel a bit better. Perhaps even capable of enjoying breakfast. (And as a live-to-eat person, when I approach breakfast with an eat-to-live attitude, I know something ain’t right.)

Do you ever use black tea to settle your stomach? And if so, what kind do you prefer?

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K S said

I am much more likely to steep some puerh when my stomach is not happy. Black tea would probably not be my first choice to calm my tummy, though I love Yunnan and Fujian black.

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I sometimes go for an earl grey because its a comforting taste to me and I believe I can psych my stomach into thinking it feels better haha. My favorite (other than peppermint) for a dodgy tummy is any rooibos

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Anyanka said

I drink any old kind of cheap black bagged tea, weak and iced, and eat saltines when my stomach is off. I have no idea if it helps, but it doesn’t make me feel worse.

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yyz said

Ginger is an anti-nauseant so when I’m feeling off and I want black tea I usually make ginger chai. In its simplest form I’ll just cut slices of ginger into any plain black tea.

Dr Jim said

I also use Ginger. A friend is a school nurse and she’s not allowed to give drugs to the kids, so she brews them a cup of ginger tea if they have stomach complaints. Works for me!

Grated fresh ginger steeped in boiling water for 10 minutes. A dollop of honey if you like. I drink 2 large mugfuls of this concoction when I have tummy problems. Fixes me right up. Also cures mild headaches. Ginger is amazing. If you can’t handle the tea, candied ginger should work too.

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darby select said

It’s definitely too early when you read DOGGY tummy! Lol


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Hikari said

I usually go for the green and whites, something that goes along the line of jasmine. Black teas are a bit to strong for me if I’m feeling a bit off.

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ashmanra said

Puerh for me, and I have a tummy that gets dodgy rather easily, ever since early childhood. Puerh makes my tummy forgive me for eating things I shouldn’t have…

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Wow, these are great suggestions, everyone! Thanks…I made a strong cup of peppermint and chamomile brewed together when I got home, and that helped a lot. I’m going to try the puerh…any particular favorite varieties?

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sandra said

i drink a ceylon tea with honey.

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