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Happy Friday Everyone! We’re offering a tea promotion today! Utopia Tea offers MANY black tea selections. Today when you purchase ANY of our black teas in ANY size, we’ll send you 2 additional ounces of black tea plus free tea samples. The promotional black tea given will be selected at random. Visit www.utopiatea.com to take advantage of today’s offer!

This promotion is good for today only, April 26, 2013 and ends at 11:30pm est.


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Just placed an order! Never had your teas before. Looking forward to it!

Utopia Tea said

Thanks for the order! Have a nice weekend :)

My order arrived and you were very generous with the free tea and samples. Thank you!

Unfortunately, my crazy caramel popcorn tasted incredibly strange. Honestly it tasted only of dish soap. Is it possible I got a bad batch?

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The Berkshire Apple & Fig and the Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut both look awesome! Sadly, I’m not at home & I don’t have my credit card with me. By the time I get home it will be after midnight, EST. So I’ll miss out on the special, but I may still have to try those soon…

I got the toffe chocolate hazelnut. I’ll add that to our list :-)

Yay! We have a list!! :D

Utopia Tea said

Both are REALLY tasty! My favorite is the Roasted Almond Cookie. I drink atleast 3 cups of it per day – so Yummy :)

Sil select said

@ tastybrew…uh me toooo please! my list! haha

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I placed an order earlier in the day. The Roasted Almond Cookie sounded intriguing, especially since I’m looking for a new tea to make into a latte. This will be my first time ordering your tea, I’m really looking forward to it.

Utopia Tea said

Thanks for the order! Enjoy :)

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