Tea in New England

I wander in here every now and again, and I know a few of you on Twitter, but for those who aren’t constantly privy to my life story; I went to school for baking and pastry, and am currently an assistant pastry chef at a boutique hotel in Michigan. I plan to add to my pastry education over the next few years, and would like to eventually open a tea room. (I’d like to add to my tea knowledge as more of a connoisseur, learning food pairings and the like, but will likely get together with an online or local retailer to do the sourcing and blending for me.)

I’d also really like to move to New England within the next few years, and have been planning trips out there to see where I might end up. (Portland, ME was awesome this winter, heading to Boston and Salem this fall.)

So… What are your favorite tea places in New England? Which towns could really use a tea room?

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darby select said

Sorry I can’t help you – I live in Minnesota. We could really use a “hip” place here and not the “old lady” type of place.

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