Angrboda said

Sparkling Tea

Yesterday I missed out on tasting this stuff. There is a delicatessen shop that I pass almost every day where I also found the closest I have ever been to my Perfect Vanilla Black (which I’m having a cup of right now). Anyway, this shop had received four bottles of it as a marketing sample and were giving out samples of it in the shop to taste yesterday.

Unfortunately we weren’t home yesterday, so I didn’t get to go and try some. They said on their facebook that if they had some left over they would save some for me, but I’m not getting my hopes up on that. I suspect it’s not something that really keeps indefinitely. I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for it in the future, though. I’ll be stopping in there tomorrow, because I need to stock up on the aforementioned vanilla anyway.

This ‘Sparkling Tea’ is apparently a whole new kind of drink that sort of combines wine and cider and tea all in one, without actually being classifiable as either. It sounds extremely mysterious and interesting!

Here is the website (English version)

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Sil select said

that sounds really interesting :)

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Oh, I could totally see this as my cocktail of choice for the summer:-)

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Wow, they sound amazing!

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