Javan said

Five teas for five dollars - Verdant tea sampler offer

I searched the boards but could not find this posted, so I thought I’d let you know. When I placed my first Verdant tea order, I noticed on their website that they are offering samplers of 5 teas for 5 dollars with free US shipping for new customers. Teas are Laoshan black, Laoshan green, hand picked Tieguanyin, Yunnan White Jasmine, and Shui Jin Gui Wuyi Oolong. Url is I have no connection to Verdant tea other than as a new customer who has been impressed with their website, commitment to tea culture, and someone who has long wanted to try their teas.

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Woot!! Thanks SOOO much for sharing this! I’ve been watching Verdant for a long time but have yet to place an order. Now I can take advantage of this great promotion for new customers! I’m so excited for these teas to arrive!!! What a great deal! :D

Uniquity said

There is also a code active until Wednesday for 15% off. I think it is uptime15? You can check their Facebook page to confirm. Enjoy!

AJ said

Doesn’t look like it works on the samples, though. Probably intentional, since it’s already five bucks.

Subtotal: $5.00
[x] 15% OFF: $0.00
Order Total: $5.00

Would have been nice, though—since the shipping to my country costs more than the actual sample set.

Edit: Oh, but ifjuly’s post does sway the deal a bit. Hmm.

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Dustin said

Yup, they got me with that offer a couple weeks ago. Broke my tea buying ban because of it. Totally worth it.

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tperez said

Super sweet deal! I saw someone had posted about it a week or so ago and couldn’t resist either

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I just ordered my 5 for $5! I’m excited to try Verdant Tea after seeing the glowing reviews on here.

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ifjuly said

It is an amazing deal, especially since it comes with a coupon code towards $5 off your next order—effectively paying for itself if you decide you like them. And yeah, Verdant’s waaaaay up there for commitment to tea quality and sustainability. Love them.

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mrmopar said

Gaah I am going to get shot if I order any more!

ashmanra said

Hide the gun and get that credit card out, mister!

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ashmanra said

Yahoo! Just placed my first Verdant order! Thank you for letting us know about this!

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