You a Fruit?

What type of fruits do you like to add to your tea. We all know that at times we wish that one tea had a bit of a season flavor. But you don’t always want to purchase all that one so here is the question.
Summer is about here and the wonderful fruits of the season are about to come to market. What types of fruits do you like to add? Are they fresh or dehydrated?
I personally love the summer with all the unique fruit that comes to the market that you don’t see the rest of the year.

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I love to add a thin slice of citrus fruit, generally a lemon or a lime, but, if I don’t happen to have one of these on hand, I will sometimes opt for a tangerine or orange. I also like to occasionally add a chunk or two of candied ginger to my tea (although this is not a fruit, I realize), and then eat the ginger once I reach the end of my cup.

I have added other fruits to my tea as well. A fresh peach is quite nice. I have also added dried cherries to my tea, and that’s quite good too!

I never thought of Candied Ginger that sounds nice. Here in FL we are about to get in the season of strange fruit, Peach Mango, Pinapple Orange, Orange Grapefruit and so on. Small farms have these cross fruits that are the best. I love to add them to teas and everything else but it is only once a year.

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