Gift ideas for mom (chai & rooibos tea lover)

Hi guys!

My mom is a big tea lover. She especially likes Chais and Rooibos teas; her favorites are Teavana’s Zanzibar Ginger, Cha Yen Thai, Adagio Vanilla Rooibos, and Teavanas Samarai Chai and Majaraja.

I want to get her some new tea for Mother’s Day. Any recs? I gave her David’s Coco Chai and Pumpkin Chai last year, and they were both big hits.


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I’ve heard many good things about as they have award winning chais, I haven’t personally tried them yet.

For something a little different, has a sexy chai that has lavender in it. Very yummy! has a lemon meringue chai released this week, I’d get this one asap before it becomes out of stock.

Verdant Tea has an interesting looking chai too with saffron, elder berry and saffron. They also have a chai kit

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AS – thank you! These are great recs!

What about spice mixtures that she could ADD to her tea? She likes a really strong cup, so I think that she might really like to add a spice mix to her Teavana Zanzibar Ginger Rooibos.

Any ideas for a good spice mix?

ah, I realized the Chai I mentioned from Verdant is just the spices, no tea (whereas the chai kit has a tea base included).

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that’s an awesome list, Awkward Soul.

If she likes Teavana, I’m a big fan of the White Ayurvedic Chai, it resteeps really well. I also used to mix it with Honeybush Vanilla for a little creaminess and it was delicious!

I love the Rooibos teas from DAVIDs as well, they range from basic and simple to extravagantly fun and everything in between. They also have a few new chais out.

those are simple solutions, I don’t drink lots of chai but had stumbled upon these!

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We have a licorice chai called “So Long, and Thanks for All the Licorice” and also a regular chai:

Also, we have a Mango Lassi rooibos that is pretty popular:

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Wow, you guys are great!

These are great suggestions. I think that a couple of these might be a good fit. I love that White Ayuervedic Chai. I should definitely get her some of that. And I’ll check out the David’s teas and the Butiki.

And best of all is that Verdant Tea spice. I think she’s going to loooove that.

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We have a variety of chai!

Our black chais:
We also have Herbal Bengal Chai, which is a rooibos chai:

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Chai Wallah sells a spice blend for tea.

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Nicole said

Whispering Pines will do a custom chai blend.

I had him do one for my mother a month or so ago that was no ginger and heavy on the lemongrass and she loved it.

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