Artp said

Adagio recommendations

Hey Y’all,

I’ve never made an Adagio order, but been interested in sampling their stuff, particularly their custom blends. I figure If I’m gonna order, I’ll just hit the $49 mark so I don’t pay for shipping; what are your recommendations?

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I actually just placed a $50 order today. Since I’m fairly new to them I bought several of the sampler packs so I could try out a wide variety.

So far I’m a fan of the Honeybush Apricot and Taurus.

Oh, and heres a $5 coupon code, 7127147100 it should be good through tomorrow morning some time.

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Dr Jim said

My Adagio favorites are the caramel and the strawberry decaf.

Anyanka said

That strawberry decaf is wonderful. It’s one of my favorites.

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momo said

They’ve also got some deal where you hit certain price points and get tins of some mother’s day flower related teas right now.

I like the Tardis blend. Also there’s some tins with these Chicago themed teas and the Jazzmint one is really good.

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I really like their white peach, tiger eye and vanilla oolong straight teas. For blends I like their Scorpio, though many of the fan blends I’ve gotten I haven’t been too thrilled about. They just weren’t my taste.
I’d say check out their new fandom sampler tin sets. It’s a good way to check out a bunch of different blends without having to buy a bunch of the larger bags and end up possibly not liking it.

Cavocorax said

Ooooh. I love those fandom sampler tin sets! But I’m probably be buying it for the tins and not the tea.

Except I wouldn’t be buying it with $30 shipping fees. >:|

Cavocorax, if I end up buying it will probably be the Doctor Who set or the Teen Wolf set. I’ll let you know if I have the tins extra. I’d probably only keep a couple for myself, so I could use them in my lunch for taking tea bags in. I could always ship the ones I don’t want along to you.

If you really like the tins, you could get them from speciality bottle. I think the Adagio ones are the same as the smaller hinged ones there. Though they wouldn’t have the art, which is half the fun. Lol!

Cavocorax said

JennyFur- thanks for the offer. If you get the Doctor Who ones, I’d be interested!

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Uniquity said

I have only tried a few of them but am not a fan of the black tea base in the fan blends – I found them bitter and largely undrinkable. I have heard they have great unflavoured teas though. If only they would use a better base for the blends. Alas their Canadian shipping is so ridiculous I will never order from them. High shipping and unreliable tea make a dangerous combo, heh.

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merko said

The Blood Orange is FANTASTIC !!!

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My favorite is their Earl Grey Moonlight. Sooooo creamy and delicious. Their Vanilla Green is a favorite of mine. I got a sample of it on a whim because I couldn’t imagine how those two flavors would mix, but I REALLY enjoy the result! Sleeping dragon is another good one. I actually have a bunch of oolongs coming my way from them!

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I really loved Thai Chai

Yes, that’s still my favourite.

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ifjuly said

Their herbal blend Foxtrot (whenever I feel physically crappy it helps make me feel a lot better; I tend to think of it as a medicinal thing more than a luscious treat thing) and, if they still have it, the custom blend (hobbit themed) Elevenses, which has black tea, oolong, blueberry, and cream IIRC.

I always found Adagio better at herbals and non-black teas than black ones, personally.

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I’m an Adagio gal, so I’ve got a whole list: Fujian baroque, sweet potato pie, cream, chestnut, golden monkey, yunnan jig, genmaicha, almond oolong, vanilla oolong, ahhh… And probably fifty others I’m forgetting. Their fandom blends are fantastic as well.

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