Zeks said

Dust in the tin with DragonWell tea

It seems like the walls of the (mostly) sealed tin accumulated a lot of dust like substance. Is that normal?

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I think what you are referring too is the natural and fresh residue from the leaves themselves. Most unflavoured teas have this dust in the packet/tin.

There are two types of dust, good dust and bad dust. Cheap teabags have dust which is the smaller parts of the processed tea leaves which are cheaper and not very good quality. The same goes for cheap loose leaf tea.

But then there is good dust which is just the natural flower residue transfer. Imagine putting a few fresh dried flowers into a bag and leaving them in there for a week, you will find natural residue on the side of the bags that come from all the different parts of the flower. Well the same thing goes with tea and it’s leaves. :)

Perhaps someone else can tell you more about the process in depth.

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If it’s fuzzy hairy, or looks like residues of leaf hairs, then it’s probably the “silver tips”. I once wrote about a “dissection” of long jing debris here :-)

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