Serenity said

'bulletproof' tea

Well, this may be a bit faddish or gimmicky, but I stumbled upon this idea of putting coconut oil into coffee
and of course I immediately thought: in tea? Kind of like Yak Butter Tea from Tibet?
So, I tried it. Sort of! I made some chai and whisked in some coconut oil with my little frother. I really liked it! Tea doesn’t need anything added to it but it is fun to do it anyway. I didn’t like what I read about people having butter and coconut oil in their coffee and not needing breakfast, I just wanted to try this kind of modern version of an old Tibetan favorite. : )

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gmathis said

Just curious—what do you use coconut oil for when you’re not putting it in chai? (Advice for the culinarily challenged :)

El Monstro said

Some of my more health conscious family use it for a butter/oil substitute for pretty much everything. The stuff they use adds as a little flavor, as I found out when the gravy at a dinner tasted strangely tropical.

ifjuly said

A lot of Paleo/Primal dieters use it in place of pretty much any cooking fat for both cooking and baking.

teapot1 said

I have used it in baked goods and it’s pretty tasty on a baked sweet potato…Not sure I’d like an “oily” chai!

Serenity said

teapot1 I was cringing the first time, but honestly, the tea just had a bit of ‘body’ — but that could be because I just used a little teaspoon of coconut oil!

Serenity said

I like to use coconut oil as a moisturizer …and in baking, along with butter.

I’m a qualified masseuse in Indian Head Massage and was taught that coconut oil is a great moisturiser for both hair and skin. Particularly if you suffer from dry skin and or dry, thick hair.

Serenity said

So cool, KittyLovesTea!!

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Nicole said

That’s an interesting idea – adding coconut oil to chai. Adding a bit of coconut flavor to chai as well as making it “thicker.” :)

The only thing I’ve ever used coconut oil for in cooking is in the limited amount of Thai dishes I’ve messed about with. I understand it is good for digestion, hair conditioner and skin moisturizer. But again, have not used it for those things. Yet. :)

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Lala said

What do you think the difference would be adding coconut oil vs coconut milk or coconut cream? Maybe the fat content???

Serenity said

Coconut milk or cream would give chai a milky-ness, while the coconut oil, frothed in, does not have a milky texture.

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Looking at the original recipe, and since I’m not a coffee drinker, the coffee sounded pretty strong and gross.

Might work with matcha.

Serenity said

Yeah, the coffee would make me sick, I think!

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