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Lately I’ve been drinking so much tea, exclusively from Verdant it seems like. I had their new dragonwell today, I’m working my way through last months reserve club, my brother got a bunch of stuff for his birthday that I’ve been wanting for a while like the chais and genmaichas. And everything is lovely! we should dedicate this to talking about this wonderful company, and our experiences and stories with them

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darby select said

They’re opening a tea bar soon! Can I just yell from the rooftops how excited I am!!!!!

I get the tea of the month and its always a wonderful surprise.

Thanks, darby! We are really excited about the new Tea Bar project this summer. We’ll have more specific about tastings, special events, and opening up to the public in the next few weeks, so stay tuned- can’t wait to see you there!

18 days late to the party, but. Best. News. Ever.

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ifjuly said

I’m totally smitten with them too and so jealous of anyone who can actually walk in. Just ordered my first gaiwan from them and am really excited about it! Thinking about asking for a subscription for my birthday in July—it’s that or help towards a Breville One Touch.

Thank you, ifjuly! Glad you were able to pick up a Gaiwan- we were so excited to find such beautifully painted teawares so reasonably. Which pattern did you choose?

ifjuly said

I nabbed the tall lotus, because I have small hands. (: It was hard to pick though—I loved all of the designs really. I was funny about it too; I had my no-script ad blocker app turned on and when I tried to add to cart the first few times before I realized what was going on it just cycled forever and wouldn’t add it and I thought maybe it’d sold out already and I was panicking, haha. Total fangirl move.

Thanks so much for providing such wonderful quality stuff!

Nice choice! I have really tiny hands myself, so I know it can be a challenge to find a gaiwan that’s as easy to use as it is beautiful.
Sorry to hear about the cart/no-script ad blocker panic moment! I never realized the cart module could be blocked in that way before, so we’ll definitely be looking into work arounds that will limit stress in the future. ;)

Lynxiebrat said

Hmm, I should keep those in mind. Small handed myself. Makes buying gloves fun rolls eyes

Lynxiegrl: I know just what you mean! The best fitting winter gloves I’ve ever found were boys, large.. just right for my little fingers.

MissLena said

I nabbed one of the tall gaiwans too haha very tiny hands here! Barely had my size for my grad ring a few years ago my fingers are so small! Was very pleased that those gaiwans were offered, I got the pond pattern to match some blue fish cups I picked up last November! Love Verdant tea, have been drinking some Shui Jin Gui Wuyi oolong all evening and it is delicious :D thanks again for all the delicious teas you manage to find!

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Wow- thank you so much for your kind words and support!!

Yesterday was our first day back from China and I just reopened Steepster a minute ago: no Steepster behind the firewall :*-( Though the jetlag is making things a bit surreal, this is a truly wonderful and unexpected welcome home. Every time I visit the Steepster community, I am blown away by the kindness and real passionate excitement everyone here shares for tea. You’re all an inspiring group, and it’s a real privilege to be able to share our friends’ teas with people who drink them with care and open hearts.

We have so many exciting projects coming up this Spring and Summer that I can’t wait to share! Tea house, Spring teas, new oolongs from the He family in Laoshan, teawares… Really looking forward to sharing all of these new projects over the next weeks and months as we all keep growing and improving.

Best wishes and sincere thanks!
Lily Duckler

Laoshan oolongs? omg exciting :)

I know!! We spent an entire two days just filming the whole process, from fresh picked leaf to very first steeping, moments after finishing. The He family’s innovation each season has been incredible; I feel lucky every day to get to share their teas. We’ll start posting the whole story this week with articles, albums and video- stay tuned! :D

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Katiek said

I just had my first cup from Verdant last week, and I’m giving some as part of a birthday gift to a friend who is a big tea drinker as well.

Thanks for passing us along! I love trying and sharing my favorite new teas with friends, so it’s always exciting to see people gifting Verdant Tea.

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teapot1 said

I just received my try 5 pack in the mail today:). This is my first exposure to Verdant and I’m super excited to make the Jasmine White in the morning! I’m very impressed by the opportunity that Verdant is providing potential fans with the try 5 pack…Very generous!

It’s our pleasure! We realized that if we had the opportunity, we’d really just want to invite everyone we could over to sample our classic offerings. Since that’s harder to do on the internet, it seemed like the 5 for $5 was the next best thing!

I had so much fun putting together the introductory materials for the pack- I’m glad to hear it’s as much fun when you open the box, too. Hope you enjoy the Yunnan White Jasmine! It’s a great way to start off a Spring day.. :)

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James R said

Just ordered the last of the banzhang puerh, and for good measure added some of the chocolate genmaicha. I usually hate any flavors in my tea, but this one was so good! The only regret is that I only ordered one ounce!

Oh- you got the last of the Farmer’s Coop! Congratulations.. we were all pretty jealous of you at the office. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the Chocolate Genmaicha, too!

James R said

Haha thanks Lily, it’s soooo good! I hope it lasts me awhile!

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Here’s a question for the fan club:

What type of tea is laoshan black? I love it, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you what it is other than a Chinese black tea. What category would it fall in?

like, is it a yunnan or fujian? I don’t think it has a specified category.

Chizakura said

I know it’s from ‘Laoshan Village’ so I guess its type is Laoshan? There’s also ‘Laoshan Green’ and upcoming Laoshan Oolong so that’s my best guess. I guess the question is where in China is Laoshan?

You’re all right! Laoshan Black tea is not from Yunnan or Fujian: it’s grown and made in Shandong province.

Laoshan Black is made from the same leaves as Laoshan Green (and laoshan oolong, too!). The leaves are processed as a black tea in the traditional manner, which includes letting the tea leaves oxidize naturally in the sun for three whole days!

All of our Laoshan tea is grown by the He family in Laoshan Village, the northernmost point in China where tea is grown. The seaside village of Laoshan is in Shandong province, and is also famous for their Laoshan Spring Water and the beautiful Laoshan “Lu Shi” (green stone).
Laoshan’s closest city is Qingdao, home of Tsingtao beer and site of the 2008 Sailing Olympics.

Laoshan Village sits right at the base of the Daoist holy mountain Laoshan (Mount Lao). The combination of the mountain and the ocean makes the climate temperate enough for tea to withstand the winter, yet cool enough with the ocean mist to protect the tea from the summer sun.

If you want to learn more, you can check out some of David’s articles!
Meet the He Family:
He Family Tea Fields (video clip):
The Legend of Laoshan Spring Water:
An Afternoon in Laoshan Village:
The Farmers of Laoshan (podcast):
Laoshan Village + Taoism (Photo Journal):
Notes from the Tea Fields:

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I got the 5 for $5 too! I’m loving it so far. Verdant Tea is wonderful!

So glad to hear it! Thank you for giving us a try.

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Peppermint said

I just got my first tea from Verdant. Earl of Anxi. I got to say, I’m impressed. Thankyou Verdant for using whole pieces of tea and berries.

Thank you for your kind words!

David’s blends are always inspired by the base teas themselves. Since he blends to bring out the unique, natural taste of the original tea, we don’t hide the tea under man-made flavorings. Because of that, our blended teas contain no additional natural or artificial flavorings. We use 100% organic herbs spices and flowers in our blends to make sure they are on par with the amazing teas sourced from our friends’ small family farms.

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Wow, I finally got a gaiwan. And having recently gotten the reserve club from Verdant, i knew what the first thing going into it was. and holy crap. I had some friends over and played some vinyls, and had on the best experiences. The flavor was the best I’ve ever had, and it was so smooth and the process is engaging, social and loads of fun. I also went to a tea bar, I sat down with a few friends, and this guy, who was hilarious, was making a bunch of different teas. One was 4000 dollars per pound, and he made us some (that one teaspoon he used cost him 40 $ by my calculations!). great tea day.

Wow- that sounds like so much fun! Congratulations on your first gaiwan and a successful tasting. So happy to hear you can share our friends’ fantastic teas with your friends.

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