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I just looked over the receipts for my recent Verdant orders — I went a little overboard. This means much deliciousness will soon be in my future, though! I’m super excited to get my packages. Hopefully they ship soon! I’m going to be in good tea heaven. :)

Chizakura said

Ha, yeah I know what you mean. Me purchasing those storage jars put what would’ve been a respectable order to over $100. xD; But I figured that the tins I currently own were all only $3, and I don’t have enough as it is, and that I deserve to have something nice sometimes too, so I went for it.

Treat yo’ self! Good for you.

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ifjuly said

I had such an amazing customer service experience with Verdant I want to sing their praise to the rooftops anywhere I can. This is what I wrote in the “Places” part of the site this week:

“Verdant is hands down one of the very best companies, tea or otherwise, I’ve ever interacted with. The tea and the passion and knowledge behind it is nonpareil (their devotion shows in their eco-friendly but tea-storage-smart packaging and the loads of information about sourcing and best practices for steeping on their website), and the customer service is above and beyond. A friend of mine accidentally ordered the wrong thing once, emailed them the same day, and they responded to her in under an hour with the problem completely straightened out. Their enthusiasm about sharing the best of their teas is evident in their YouTube channel how to videos, subscription services, and deals like their 5 for $5 sampler pack complete with money off your next purchase and a bunch of information about each sample’s background and how best to steep it. They are very good at keeping customers informed of upcoming releases and sourcing through multiple platforms like FaceBook and Steepster (David once even took the time to craft a very detailed, thoughtful, incredibly useful response to someone asking about how to start a tea business). And every package I’ve received from them has included a handwritten note.

What really put it over the top for me though was a recent situation I had with them. I ordered something of very limited stock from them and when it arrived it turned out there had been a mistake in packing and I received the wrong model. When I contacted them about it not only were they able to resolve it—they informed me they were sending out the right item that very day (I wasn’t expecting they could given the out of stock nature of the item)—they told me to keep the erroneous item (which was not cheap, mind) no questions asked simply for my hassle. I might’ve expected that if they hadn’t been able to send me the correct item, but for them to just give me that (and in doing so prevent me from having to go to the post office to ship it back) along with fixing the problem immediately is just amazing. There’s no other company like it as far as my experiences go."

If they were on Yelp I’d put that raving review there too, but they don’t appear to be. I just want to tell everyone I know how awesome they are!


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I’d like to add my fangirling over Verdant Teas to this thread. I’ve ordered from them…4 or 5 times now, with one order currently shipping to me (one of the teawares, a pretty pretty gaiwan set) and I have NOTHING but good things to say.

I’ve had to contact customer service a couple of times for things, including the last time which is my fault in that I signed up for the classic tea club for the free month (which was…interesting but I certainly learned a lot) and then when the bundle club memberships opened up, I signed up for that too…without cancelling my classic club membership so I got the green teas for this month twice. I emailed them on Friday evening and right away on Monday morning I got a response and that was nice. If it’s a weekday at a reasonable time (EST, I’m on PST) I’ve usually gotten a response within hours. And the extra tea isn’t so bad, the people in Travelling Tea Box B will appreciate it anyway :).

This is entirely without commenting on how awesome the teas actually are and how awesome the business practices of this small company is. I wish I were in the area of their new tea room because I’d be in there all the time. Open up a branch in Seattle, yeah?

Chelle said

I just signed up for the reserve club. I am so excited! I thought about the bundle but I just don’t think I can handle that much tea each month. I love the thought of small hand made varieties of tea each month.
One of my close friends is from Minneapolis, I definitely need to go with her next time so goes up there for a visit and check out Verdant’s tea bar!

Chizakura said

Yes, I’m considering joining that club sometime in the future too. :) A manageable amount of tea per month that’s really special, sounds good to me! :D

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Chizakura said

For the record, if I lived in the area, I’d jump into my car and apply at your teabar right this second. I want a job in tea, and something like this appeals to me so much.

But I live way up in Canada, so yeah. Not happening sadly. D: It’s whimper-worthy, really. Dx

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I just ordered both laoshan oolongs, the new bilochun, yu lu yan, Early Spring Tieguanyin which means that I will soon have every Verdant tea tasted that I can get my hands on!

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