New 52teas V.I.T. - Anyone wanna go halfsies?

So, this week 52teas released two Very Important Tea (VIT) blends: Watermelon Lu An Gua Pian AND Pomegranate Da Hong Pao!

I’m really interested in trying these, but seeing as they’re $15 each, hmmm, I’m not sure I can justify the expense to my husband. So I thought, maybe someone else feels this way too!

Thus my question: does anyone want to split an order? I’m thinking I need at least one other person, but two people might work. We’d split the cost and the tea equally. There’s 1.5 ounces of each, so I think splitting amongst 2 or 3 people works best. I don’t want to lose money on the transaction, so I think it’s only fair we split the shipping too. (52teas doesn’t charge shipping, but we have to get the tea to you somehow!) ;)

If anyone is interested, reply here or PM me. I’ll take the first one or two people that reply (unless everyone is okay with getting less than 0.5 ounce). Thanks!!

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I’d love to split. I’d like to try both. I’m in Canada & willing to cover the full cost of shipping to me.

Or since there are a few others I want from 52teas, willing to pay for the shipping to you.

Sure! Follow me so I can send you a PM. ;)

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Emily M said

I’d be interested in splitting for both, if that’s still possible. I’m in NY.
I know I’m a little late to the game, so if not that’s ok. =)

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