Networld said

Teashow.TV Is finally alive!

Hey Everyone!

We’ve finally got active. Our first episode talks about 3 fantastic gyokuros:

Hibiki-an Superior
Hibiki-an Kuradashi
Marukyu Koyamaen Chitose no Homare (a really special handrolled tea!)

We’d love your input/feedback on our new video blog venture! Also, feel free to let me know of specific teas you’d like us to look at!

Many Thanks,


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My internet speed is not fast enough at this moment to see the entire show. But I see two young guys, a tea table, and some nice gears! The tea and hobins look seriously nice! Good job. Keep going!

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~lauren. said

Your site’s been bookmarked and when I have a free (quiet) moment, I am going to devote myself to your videos show! (can’t wait!)

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Erin said

Very nice and informative! Keep it up!

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Chef8489 said

Duke sucks lol. J/k I went to UNC but I am glad someone from tobacco road won the championship. We just had a bad season. I would like to say it was a great show. Look forward to more.

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