Infussion said


Hi fellow steepsterities and steepsterians!

It’s been a nice learning experience – unfortunately the business wasn’t making any profit! Thank you for your participation!

We’re getting rid of all stock. Get it while you can!

Shipping to US/Canada/Europe (3-5 working days) : 5$ up to 250g, 15$ up to 825g


supreme baihao yinzhen 25g 5$
organic bai mudan 100g 5$
sencha 75g 5$
bancha 125g 5$
lin yun 75g 5$
organic long zhu 50g 5$
dianhong golden tip 30g 5$
shiraore kukicha 125g 5$
crushed baihao yinzhen 100g 5$
darjeeling 125g 5$
longjing 75g 5$
ceremonial grade organic matcha 30g 15$
matcha 75g 10$

maca 100g 5$
guarana 100g 5$
schisandra 100g 5$
lapacho 200g 5$
goji 175g 5$
catuaba 200g 5$

Just paypal to [email protected] with ordered products and shipping address written in comments. Orders over 30$ in products get free blooming teas and samples.

Take care!

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Sil select said

Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully you learned some things for any future adventures you get into. Best of luck!

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That’s too bad. I’m sorry to hear this!

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darky said

have to say thats very sad to hear!

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ashmanra said

I am sorry it didn’t work out. I hope the future brings you some great new opportunities and that really good things are just around the bend!

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