Tea originated in these hills.

As I write this, I am in Xishuangbanna China in the region most famously known for Pu’er County’s Pu’er tea. Tea eventually evolved into having Pumpkin Spices and dried Cranberries blended into it, but Pu’er tea is anything but that.

Try the leaf the way it was meant to be. This is GREEN Pu’er, called Sheng Pu’er. It is not the “cave taste” Pu’er that is spreading throughout the west.

We have had a surge of interest in our teas since offering them to the West this year. I have been living with the tea family for about a year; waking up to the smell of roasting tea during harvest season and finally organizing a way to get the tea to the West for the first time.

Anyone who knows Pu’er knows that Yiwu is home to the finest. The Tea Horse Trail originated here and spread throughout China, Mongolia, Tibet and much of Asia. This trail took tea all over the world for the first time. Now, thousands of years later, here I am doing the same with our new-age trail :)

Drink tea the way it grows. Drink Pu’er Tea. Sip Peace.

For Sample, add me or message on here and it will be sent tomorrow morning. Please kindly write a review once you receive the tea.

Please use Gong Fu or Gaiwan Chinese method to prepare this tea. This tea is BEST after 5th steeping, like most Pu’ers, so continue doing small and short steepings for best idea. This is the finest of Pu’er in the world, please treat it such.

:) Thank you and enjoy

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ChaMei select said

Pu’er is, for me like the last frontier in my tea exploration. Other than some Numi flavoured puer tea bags and random tuocha, this tea category is sadly lacking in my cupboard. Please follow me so I may message my address. Now I am off to visit your website.

JustJames said

puerh is my favourite, i would love to try an authentic sample!

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I’m very interested – I’ve been getting sucked into pu’er teas lately. I especially LOVE sheng pu’er! I enjoy it more than shu for some reason.

I can do a review for my tea blog, The Oolong Owl, as well as steepster.

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I am the same way AWKARD SOUL; Shou brings people into the Pu’er world, but Sheng Chaa keeps them.

It is the most honest of teas.

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I’m very interested as well. I haven’t yet explored pu’er much, so I feel that my tea experience is lacking. Thank you for this offer.

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CK select said

I would like to try & have followed you :)

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K S said

Excellent. Following you, follow back so I can message you. Will review here and on The Everyday Tea Blog.

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mrmopar said

Could I try these also nicholas you know I am a pu head.i would be glad to review your product and can do western and traditional brewing. I think I am already following you from a previous time. Thanks very much!

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ifjuly said

I’d like to try it—my first pu erh! Following you, I’ll message you once I can when you follow me back. Thanks!

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alarickc said

I’d love to try the Pu’er! I’ll review the tea as soon as I get it.

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tperez said

I love Yiwu pu’erhs, would love to try a sample of yours :)

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