Tea set for my toddler boy, any ideas?

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Rachel J said

Following this thread with interest! My son is 16 months old, and he is fascinated by my whole tea brewing routine. It will be so fun to make him his own little cup of tea too someday. ACK! CUTE!

If you’re comfortable with the idea you could probably make him one now. I started my son off with a Peppermint tisane when he was about 14 months then went on to Chamomile and a few other caffeine free blends. He tells me that peppermint is yum, so far it is his favorite. He is so excited to drink tea with mom every day. He especially likes it when I give him a plastic cup with water and a tea bag to play with. He’s really big on dunking things right now.

Uniquity said

My little cousins always enjoyed washing the dishes (you can imagine the waterfall that ensued). If I ever have kids I can’t wait to share teatime with them – it’s perfect bonding!

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My son also has this set at grandma’s, the cups are tiny though and he often over pours. I think he’s only had room temp water in these, we make warm and iced tea in the recyled set above. http://www.amazon.com/Curious-George-Tin-Tea-Set/dp/B000JCV6LG

This is such a cute set! My son absolutely loves Curious George. It is a rare occasion that you see him without one of his George books.

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