Where is everyone?

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Dan said

I drink hot tea in the summer and sometimes even add ice. I see no reason not to list teanotes for iced tea.

I agree. I think we should all add teanotes for our iced teas. There is power in sharing our good and bad experiences.

yes, I log all of my iced teas too :) And I too drink hot tea in the summer. The hot teas I enjoy get lighter, and I like the whites and greens more in the spring and summer.

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TeaParT said

It is the dreaded tax time in US.

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Grinnyguy said

It’s not that I’m not drinking tea, it’s that I’m being more selective in what I write about and not writing about the same teas more than a couple of times. At the same time I haven’t bought new tea for a while because I already have enough to last me a year or so. But you’re right, I haven’t written as much recently and I have noticed others have been the same

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I know! I have been wondering the same thing, but at the same time I haven’t been as present, either. For me, it’s a mix of a mad rush to get work project and baby related projects done before the due date. However, if the little one is late, expect lots of tasting notes/discussion board participation… I will have finished up all the projects I could be doing!! :)

gmathis said

When, if you don’t mind sharing, is due date? Pretty quick, isn’t it?

Coming soon! I’m due May 7th… so I’m trying to wrap up all that needs to be done in the next two weeks. :)

Best wishes to you! With the first I worked up until delivery. I learned my lesson and took about 10 days off before the second. It was definitely the way to go.

At this point I’m planning to work up until, but we’ll see if I’m feeling that confident about it closer to the date. :)

~lauren. said

Good luck, Lauren! My only advice (not that you asked or anything) is sleep now because sleep is an impossibility after your little darling is born! (If this is not your firstborn, then you probably already know this!).

denisend said

Good luck! My “kids” have fur, so I have no advice, just best wishes!

Thanks you all! :)

Aww, that’s exciting. I’m thinking the baby will be early because you’re thinking about what you could do if it’s late.

:) As long as he waits until this Friday… I have some deadlines to meet! It’s funny, I’ve shared a list of “things to cancel if he comes early” with someone at work, who thinks he might come late since I’m planning ahead so much. :)

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haha, I am hoping to get a nesting phase at some point… so far not too motivated to clean, but I am at least getting the stuff we need (like the car seat, changing station stuff, etc)

Nesting can take a lot of forms. Mine wasn’t so much cleaning as trying to get projects done around the house I’d put off forever. I’d say you’re in nesting if you’re getting carseats and stuff ;-).

Maybe I’m on track, then. :)

gmathis said

Haircut. I HAD to get my hair cut that last week.

SoccerMom said

Good Luck and Best Wishes! I TOTALLY cleaned all during nesting I was about 8 and half months pregnant and my hubby came home and found me on a ladder cleaning the ceiling fan. After that he let me hire a cleaning lady (for a month) :(

Too bad the cleaning lady couldn’t keep coming! :)

SoccerMom said

Laurenpressley, I know it’s funny how the yard people are a “necessity” yet the cleaning people are not at least in my husbands book! I guess I could keep a cleaning lady but then I wouldn’t have ask much extra cash to buy teas and I can’t have that! :)

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Doulton said

Best wishes to you, Laurenpressley. 36 years after the birth of my first child I still await the nesting phase and fear it will come to me only posthumously.

:) haha, good to be prepared for that option, too!

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I love what Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I have been finding Steepster a very bustling place lately! I’ve been enjoying posting my tasting notes each day and interacting with some lovely people.

gmathis said

We are an interesting group, yes? :o)

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PeteG said

Have not left…this time of year with the snow all gone and preparing the garden, cutting trees, hedges and bushes…it takes up so much of my wkends and evenings after work…just enough time to drink my new tea…DavidsTea has just moved into one of our malls here in Halifax and I had to try them out…prices are reasonable, and the tea is not too bad….will post my taste review in a bit.

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Lori said

I know I have been busy in the yard lately as well…

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Jason admin said

Traditionally, internet usage does slow during the warmer months. Also, I think you can expect people to get really wrapped up in activity on the site early on and then for it to level off at a more sustainable volume. But my sense of things, and based on our tracking stuff, is that we people are just as active as before. It could be that some of the same people are not and others are taking their place, but generally it seems to be growing.

With that said, we always try to make the site more “sticky” so that once people find us, they join and keep coming back because it’s such a valuable service. So if there’s anything we could do better or add, feel free to shoot me an email and let us know ([email protected]).

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