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Hello all!

In an attempt to burn through some of my tea reserves (I know I’m not alone in having an overflowing tea cupboard) I have been gifting my teas to the people at my work who mentioned they also like tea. So far I’ve been passing along bags of tea, which are easy to package.

I’m wondering if anyone has an idea for an attractive way to gift loose tea. Should I just make my own tea-bags and give that with a label? Would it be better to just give them the tea loose? I’m not sure if everyone would have a tea strainer at home. I hope people have some ideas for me! Does anyone else give tea to their friends?

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Nicole said

When I have given tea to people that I know don’t have a way to brew loose leaf, I’ve gotten a package of tea bags and made up bags of my own. You could package up several together in a cute box (though you might want to wrap the bag in plastic wrap to protect against cross contamination of flavors. Or, you could give the bags and the tea in separate containers, without assembling them first and let the giftees assemble themselves.

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Katiek said

If you’re breaking down larger bags, I think it’s important to make sure your new bag has all the relevant info on it somewhere. You could get some labels on which you print or handwrite the info, and decorate them with some magic markers (or stickers if you’re not artistic). You could combine some smaller plastic bags in one of the organic gift bags they sell in bulk on etsy or other sites.

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I gift tea all the time! Especially around christmas!

What I do is put the tea into small craft bags and label the steeping info, tea type and brand, often putting cute stickers or drawings on the label (ha, what Katiek said!). I may double wrap the tea to prevent contamination. I then put the tea into a large tea tin, so they have a storage vessel. Or, I’ll put it into an organza bag.
I also include tea filters, like T-sac style ones, so if the person doesn’t have a tea strainer, they can put the tea into the bags themself.

I also keep the business cards of tea sellers – I put them in the package too, in case the person wants to know where to get more.

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What I like to do is head up the the craft store and pick up some Chinese food containers, they come in a variety of colors and sizes. They’re generally $1 or less depending on which size you want so this makes an inexpensive option. They’re also easy to decorate or put a label on.

I try to only gift one type of tea at a time so I don’t need worry about contamination. I prefill medium sized Finum tea bags with enough tea for 8 ounces of water and label the container with instructions.

I’ve also skipped the box and found a cute mug, filled it with pre measured tea bags, then wrapped it in colored plastic. Any information they need can be put on a tag and attached with ribbon or written on a card and placed in the mug.

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