Calling for tea tasters for world's first online tea auction

Tealet has built a network of some of the world’s greatest tea producers and they want to provide their highest grade teas for evaluation and auction to tea shop owners and retailers around the world. This auction will do for the tea world what The Cup of Excellence has done for the coffee world. Tealet needs help in evaluating samples from the lots the growers will submit for auction. These tasters’ evaluations will be aggregated with the evaluations of Tealet’s Panel of Professional Tasters (Tony Gebely, Jason Walker, and Kevin Rose) – Tasters will also have the opportunity to participate in live tea tastings with the panel, the growers, and potential buyers.
Sign up here( to enter to be selected as one of the first ten tasters. Winners will receive samples of the teas and will be responsible for evaluating (based on these cupping standards( and submitting their results which will be used to score each tea. Be a part of tea world history by helping growers get their best teas to the market! There are no strings attached, no purchase needed, only a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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registered! can’t wait!!!

Thanks for signing up! I hope you win!

Me to! thx :D

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I signed up! :)

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I signed up too! Very cool idea!

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I signed up quietly not sure really what to expect but I received an e-mail this morning to let me know that I have been accepted and that the first tea lot is on it’s way to me. :)

Congrats! Thanks for signing up! I hope you have fun tasting the teas. The program is going to evolve, so please have patience with us. For everyone else, we will be offering sampling programs so you can be involved and give your input.

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Oh dear, I hope I wasn’t too late to subscribe?

Oh no, I’m so sorry, I should have put the deadline on the original post, but we chose the 10 tasters yesterday. There is definitely going to be an opportunity to be a taster very soon, I’ll keep everyone in touch.

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Aloha everyone, we randomly selected 10 people from the signup list (thanks to all that signed up). These 10 tasters are receiving their first sample now, but I am happy to say that we are going to open the opportunity for other tasters to join and give their feedback to the lots that will up for auction at Similar to our retail Global Tea Taster subscription service we would like to offer a sampling subscription for those that are interested in trying out very unique teas and see their feedback help us score the teas for potential buyers.

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