Starting a Tea and Coffee Community Blog

Hey all,
I’m a web developer/graphic artist/blogger. I am looking to start a tea and coffee review blog that would be powered by the community. I will have entries written by coffee and tea drinkers alike.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in writing tutorials on tea or reviews for teas/gear they like?

Thanks and I can’t wait to see what comes of this!

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I’d be interested in doing some reviews…I’m not the most eloquent person but I can tell whats good and bad about a tea. I also drink some coffee, but its mostly from a coffee place by my house and only about 20% at home, so I can’t say I’d be a good judge for that. Check my reviews out on some of the teas I’ve drank and let me know if I’m up your alley. I’d even be willing to take requests out of my cupboard here from steepsterites. Or do two or three teas in one post, say a black, a white and a roobios of a certain brand. Just throwing out thoughts.

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I’d be happy to help if I can, especially if I can do it under my real name.

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