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These are so much fun I love seeing designs like this.

I know it costs more, but I love it when companies go the extra mile with their packaging. As a designer fun packaging design will rope me into buying a product every single time. It’s actually how I discovered my favorite bourbon. Knob Creek has some of the best typography on a label that I’ve seen.

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inguna said

Thanks for sharing. Some fine examples.

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TeaTime said

Stunning designs!

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ifjuly said

Aw, no Andrews and Dunham!

(Also, the Dilmah ones made me uncomfortable, seemed awfully stereotype-y.)

Sorry if I seem a negative Nelly. Did enjoy a lot of these and am glad you posted it. (:

Maria said

Yes! The Dilmah boxes were so stereotyp-y!

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I like the ones from Light and Dark best. Is that ship box a real package?

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cteresa said

Some of those are not real products – the Twinings one is a student mockup. But yeah, I think I have seen much better packaging not there:

- Andrews and Dunham as mentioned before.
- Bellocq – totally overpriced, and a bit too overprecious posh, but those silver cannisters…
- good old plain colored Twinings, pretty much a timeless classic by my book.
- I love Theodor´s old and new tins, the old for the color and prettyness, the new ones for the practical color coding. Also best tins to pile up, ever.
- tons of Mariage Freres comemorative teas (the glass apotechary jars, ouch)
- Kusmi/LOV in general

plus these


The Clipper Alice series sigh http://www.whatkatiedoes.net/2010/05/clipper-alice-tea.html

Emporio tea http://retaildesignblog.net/2013/01/26/emporio-tea-packaging-by-inject-design/

and in general I love old style chinese tins always – if only I could get my hands on the motherload of chinese flavored teas tins, Kwong Sang. I might not drink the teas, but that would not be the point with those tins!

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