Tea Retailers: Participate in world's first online tea auction, finest grade teas, verified quality

At Tealet we are trying our best to connect independent tea growers with their customers. We have built a strong retail brand, but we want to share the connections we have with other tea retailers. We have launched the world’s first online tea auction to help our grower network get their highest quality teas to the market at fair prices. Our main launch for all the lots going to auction will happen at the World Tea Expo, so I look forward to seeing everyone there. Next week we will do a soft launch of our first auction with a FengHuang GuiFei from Mountain Tea. We are offering the first sample free (all we ask is for $2.50 for shipping) so you can cup the tea and participate in a live tea tasting with the grower and a panel of expert tasters (Tony Gebely, Jason Walker, and Kevin Rose). Order your sample by this Thursday to receive it in time to do a tasting during a Google Hangout on Tuesday May 21 at 6PM PST. To order simply visit wholesale.tealet.com, create an account, and click the “cup this tea” button under the product information.

For more information check out http://eepurl.com/zj9Lv

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View a live tasting of the tea in the first auction here: http://youtu.be/vvJE5qFa5Fc?t=7m8s

In this video Chicco Chou of Mountain Tea and Jason Walker of Walker Tea Reviews discover the citrus and honey notes of this 2012 FengHuang GuiFei.

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The auction for Mountain Tea FengHueng GuiFei (compared to Oriental Beauty) is live for two more days and current bidding price is $48.10 (you must bid on the entire 9 lbs. lot so total cost is $432.90). Visit http://wholesale.tealet.com/, create an account and you can put your bid in for this tea. This is a great price for an amazing tea, act now!

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