Does anyone have suggestions for not buying more tea? I just placed a big Verdant order and am now toying with the idea of a Kusmi order. Can one have too much tea? Probably. Am I insane? Possibly.

Does anyone have advice? I guess what I need is more self-control…

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Lala said

Bugger. You beat me to it ._.

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You’re definitely not alone! I started a thread a while ago, "The Tea Buying Hiatus Support Group:

’Tis a good place. Hopefully the comments already posted will help. :]

Thank you!

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Thank you! I see now I should have posted there first. I’m coming over to visit!

I may need to join you, I am developing a serious problem with the help of this website ::grins::

Yes, me too! I love it anyways. So glad I found it!

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I recommend going broke…thus you cannot afford to buy anymore tea. Otherwise you cannot have too much tea. The amount of tea any one person should have is represented by the equation X = A + 1 X=how much tea you should have while A=how much you currently have(which is never enough).

Hahahaha, I like that! Good one, Jimmy. So, in order to go broke I should buy the tea I want. Hm, this is playing out nicely. Or I could be responsible I shuttle everything off to savings… but tea!

Bah, who wants to be responsible? More tea sounds like the better idea. Oh wait, I’m incouraging you when you already have a problem. Bad me, feel free to give me a smack on the hand with a ruler.

I’m right with you on irresponsibility and more tea! I think I just need to start burning through it faster. I wish I knew more people who liked tea, I could do regular tea parties! I wonder if there are ever Steepster meet-up tea party/sipdowns.

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darby select said

I’m not one to help. When buying our current house I was very excited to see a whole row of useless cupboard by the fridge that I could dedicate to tea! It has since grew to my office closet and the spare room closet (only Teavana xmas sale here) and some on the floor in my office! I just need to find more time to enjoy the tea.

That’s awesome. I would love to have that dedicated space for tea. Have you had tea parties with co-workers or friends?

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