wheezybee said

Tea Warmers for Tetsubin

Hello! Does anyone use cast iron teapot warmers? There are a couple I’m interested in, but I can’t seem to find many reviews. I was also wondering if anyone could attest to how well they actually work. I love the design of my pot and don’t want to cover it up, but I would like the heat to last a little longer. These are the ones I’m debating right now:

Round Footed Teapot Warmer at Teavana.com
Tetsubin Teapot Warmer at EnjoyingTea.com
Cast-Iron Teapot Warmer at WorldMarket.com

Does anyone have experience with any of these, or know of any pictures that would put them in perspective? It’s funny how few are shown with an actual teapot to demonstrate proportion!

Thank you so much!

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I have the WorldMarket one though I bought it from a different seller. Worked fine for my tetsubin. Keeps the tea nice and warm.

momo said

I have the World Market one too and I love it. I have a 21 oz teapot from Teavana, and it fits perfectly on top:

It’s kind of hard to go wrong, just light a tealight in there, put the top on, and the heat will keep the cast iron hot, in turn keeping the tea hot. With everything being cast iron, it’ll retain the heat well and do so evenly.

wheezybee said

Thank you both so much! That helps!

What do you do with the leaves? To keep from oversteeping or having your tea develope a bitter taste?

momo said

I use an infuser, so I just take them out when the steep is over. I only use the cast iron pot w/black or rooibos, I’ve found more delicate stuff gets weird tasting being kept hot in a travel mug so I don’t even want to subject them to something that stays even warmer.

Dag Wedin said

Tetsubins are waterkettles. It´s to heat water.
They will get “flavoured” by the water you use. Building a layer of minerals on the inside and depositing alot of iron in the water that will affect the taste of your tea.

Heres an example, http://www.artisticnippon.com/product/iwachu/teawarmer.html

Heres some info on tetsubins.

I’ll bet 98%+ of the “tetsubins” sold online and in tea stores in the US are enamel lined, for which none of that would apply.

Dag Wedin said

Yes, sadly so. I´d advice asking a few questions before purchasing.

wheezybee said

My husband and I decided on the World Market warmer, and I’m loving it!


While I was there, I did notice that their tetsubin ($20!) did not have enamel. Both of my cast-iron teapots do, and after this conversation I am very curious about the non-enameled ones. I may have to add to my collection next payday! Have a fantastic night – I’m off to enjoy some Oolong.

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