Why Do You Drink Tea?

I was thinking about this seemingly simple question today and was curious why others drink tea? Why do you drink tea and choose it over other beverage options?

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Tealizzy said

Tea has become a de-stressor and hobby for me. I like tasting new flavors, and it’s the kind of thing that makes you slow down and enjoy it, even when you are having a crazy day.

That is an interesting answer. The part about the process slowing things down is one I have heard a few times before as well. There seems to be some magic in that aspect.

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Dexter said

It makes me happy.

I like this answer too. I was reading a book where the advice giving to him was something to the effect of buy teas that put a smile on your face when you drink them.

Dexter said

Right now I’m drinking a ripe pu’erh, dark, rich, earthy. This afternoon I was drinking iced Mango Diablo, mango green tea with chili threads. Mild, sweet, spicy, refreshing. Two completely different flavor profiles. I love tea because there is endless possibilities, and endless options depending on mood. It makes me happy.

Angrboda said

This answer, very much.

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Chizakura said

I love the taste, and it’s very soothing. Plus there’s no guilt, because it just so happens that it’s good for you! :)

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Billy said

The health benefits, I love tasting new and interesting things and there never seems to be a shortage of those. I like the complexity of tea. And most of all, I appreciate the preparation that I have to perform while making it, its almost ceremonious for me.

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I’m addicted to it. RAWWRRRRR! Pu’er tea drunk partay time!

I love the low calorie, energy, calmness, beautiful appearance and great smells.

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momo said

It’s the most fun you can have with a beverage for a reasonable cost. Everything about it. Buying it, making it, drinking it.

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Because I don’t have a coffee pot. Is that a good reason?

haha! I love this reply! ;-)

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Gene said

I enjoy the calming effect it has on me. Brewing tea forces me to slow down, and unplug. When the leaves are brewing I read, and as I sip the hot tea I sit back, contemplate and plan….

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sandra said

addicted to tea, and besides that, it’s the only beverage I drink (no juices, soda or coffee) only tea and water.

graciezoe said

Totally agree, only water and tea for me too!

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cteresa said

I like it.

I drink lots of liquids normally. Tea, being hot is so soothing when it is cold, without making me as jittery or being as attention-craving as coffee. Plus you know, tea-tea has a sort of soul – the purest example of it is a good white tea, you sort of know it when you see it. (Mind you, a good rooibos also has a different but also significant type of soul)

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