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Anyone else do video reviews for tea? Come on, I know there’s a bunch of closet theatre kids on here. =P

I tried it out for the first time this week (over here: and it was a lot more fun than expected! Definitely looking forward to doing more vids.

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Woot video review! I like seeing the gear you used.

I’m too chicken to do video, though the idea crossed my mind to make an owl puppet review the tea.

Aww, but a little tea-reviewing owl would be so cute! Totally go for it.

Lynxiebrat said

Awkward Soul, that would be sooooooo cool. Hmm. I’ve been thinking about doing video reviews myself, but self conscious about showing my face/body, but having a puppet as the host? giggles I really like that. Probably a kitty, if I can find the right kitty puppet.

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That is good stuff. Thanks for sharing. The video comes across like you were having a lot of fun too. Reminded me a little of Alton Brown’s style from Good Eats.

Haha, thank you! Someone else said that it reminded them of My Drunk Kitchen, but with tea. I swear I wasn’t intoxicated, lawl.

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JusTea said

That’s really pithy.
I think if you managed to get it shorter, a little more succinct, you have yourself a really awesome and engaging new format to share your passion for tea.

Wow, thank you! I really appreciate the feedback—you never know what kind of response people will have on YouTube, you know?

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Uniquity said

I just watched the one on the Dancong (but haven’t seen your others). I did enjoy it, especially when you had your inner dialogue going. I really enjoy videos that are chopped up and edited back together (I don’t know why) so I liked that you did some of that. Good discussion of what you got out of the tea and also what you didn’t get, it gave me a good sense of what that particular tea tastes like. It was still a bit longer than I usually spend on a video, as apparently I have a 21st century attention span, but I recognize it is hard to review a tea in only a few minutes.

Question – did you try it before the review or was that a first tasting? It seemed like a first tasting which gives an authentic idea of your reaction but I find that many teas change taste as they cool/you get through the cup, and unless you edit some more on or have tried it before you don’t really get to share that. Just a thought.

Anyway, hope these rambles help. As long as you’re enjoying it, keep at ’er! :)

These rambles are fantastic, I assure you.

All my video reviews are first tastings. The only preview I get is by looking at the tea’s description on the website, so it’s alllllll ad lib from there. And yep, the taste definitely shifts as the cup cools, so it’s a fun little, “Whoa, more flavors up in here!” as the deeper notes show up towards the end of the review.

Thank you for the encouragement! <3

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Comparing the two, I like the second video more. It is more personable and seems to fit your personality better based on the 3 videos I have seen. The first one seemed to be more dry because of the educational aspects and it seemed like you don’t enjoy those aspects as much. So I would avoid going down that road.

You also have a nice presence on camera when you are getting into the moment and are excited to share the tea with the audience. I would keep playing with that as it is something unique that makes the videos interesting to me. Like Emeril says, take that up a notch.

Thank you! Getting into this whole vidding business, it’s really nice to get such a response. I’m looking forward to your take on future videos.

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Bumping with two new vids.

As always, I happily an-tea-cipate your Steepster thoughts. =)

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I would only do a video review if I could make an animation of some kind.

Have you ever tried Flash? (Or am I old and no one likes Newgrounds anymore…)

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WtFGoD said

neat idea, im kind of ADD so i skipped through most of the video.(kinda long) if you shortened it up a bit, threw in some better angles of the leaves/liquor and maybe set up the camera with you sitting(instead of story-time flashlight up-at-your-face-angle) and edited the taste/review to be more direct/speedier.

very neat though, noone really does tea video reviews even though im sure a lot of people here are interested in that sort of thing.

/crazyrantoverandout ^^

Better angles of the leaves and liquor, gotcha. You’re right, the tea is the star! Gotta give it its due.

Thank you! =)

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