About to buy Red Leaf matcha...what do you think?

I’ve tried some flavored matcha from Red Leaf Tea before and loved 98% of them. Only ones I didn’t love were Blueberry, Peppermint, and Cookies and Cream. I want to stock up on a bunch of new ones (7 to be exact), but I’m having trouble deciding. Can anyone offer any guidance? Thanks in advance!!

French Vanilla – The first flavored matcha I ever tried was Madagascar Vanilla. I didn’t really like it, but I also had no idea how to prepare matcha and it ended up being cold and gritty and not blended at all. So I don’t really know if I didn’t like the vanilla-matcha combo or if I just botched the preparation so that the tea was unlikable.

Bavarian Cream – I’ve heard mixed things about this one. Some people love it and say it’s very creamy and delicious. Others say it has an unexpected, weird citrus flavor that ruins the donut/pastry aspect of it.

Crème Brulee – People generally seem to like this one and describe it as vanilla custard minus the burnt sugar topping. So…is it worth it then? Or is it going to be too much like the Vanilla Matcha or Cheesecake Matcha?

French Butter Cookie – Mixed reviews. Some believe it’s not cookie-like enough. Others think it’s tasty. Again my thought is, is it too much like the other creamy, buttery, vanilla-y options: Vanilla, Cheesecake, Crème Brulee, & Bavarian Cream?

Strawberries & Cream – I’ve had plain Strawberry Matcha and loved it. I love real strawberries with whipped cream, so I figure this tea would be divine. But I’m also considering buying a lot of the creamy/cream-like teas, so maybe I should balance it out and get something not cream-based. I’m also starting to think I shouldn’t mess with a good thing since the plain Strawberry was so delicious…

Hawaiian Honey – The only review says it doesn’t taste like honey! Instead they found it floral. Well, I like floral teas…and maybe I will be able to taste honey…should I risk it?

Butterscotch – As long as this doesn’t taste like scotch the alcohol, then I’ll probably love it.

Almond – Almond is a safe bet. I love almond everything!

Apple Pie – This one is a no-brainer ‘cause apple pie is my all-time favorite food. Definitely gonna’ try it (unless someone says it doesn’t taste anything like apple pie)!

Peanut Butter Pie – This one is a toss of the dice for me. Not sure what I’ll think.

Butternut Pie – I don’t have any idea what this will taste like, but it sounds good! :P

Pumpkin Pie – Too many pie options! Which should I choose??

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Don’t buy too many all at once, unless you can drink them down really quickly! From what I understand flavored matcha doesn’t have a super long shelf life. I’ve never tried any of the flavors you are thinking of ordering, but I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Red Leaf so far!

Thanks! I ordered 4 last time and I definitely made the mistake of opening them all at once. I plan on placing a large order to take advantage of the buy 5 get 2 free deal. But I won’t open them all at the same time again. :P What were your favorite flavors?

Lala said

I agree. I bought 5 packages on my last order and I drink it shaken cold very morning (about 3/4 tsp) every work day. It takes me about 4 weeks to get through one package. (Its gonna take me 5 months to get through everything). So depending how fast you are planning on drinking it, I would order less at a time. You can get discounts for doing reviews, so it would make ordering a bit cheaper.

If you like coconut, their coconut flavor is mind blowing!

Lynxiebrat said

I thought keeping the Matcha in the fridge lengthens the shelf life.

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Dinosara said

I have the Almond and Pumpkin pie, and both are among my favorites. I would say butternut OR pumpkin but not both, because they are both squashes and will probably taste somewhat similar.

If you like the plain strawberry you could just mix that with one of the cream ones that you end up getting, that way you have your plain strawberry and strawberries and cream if you want it!

All good advice. I think you’ve swayed me to Pumpkin Pie. :)

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Lala said

I would say that French vanilla and French butter cookie would be similar to each other.

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I’m drinking Bavarian Cream right now and it does have a slight lemon flavour to it, but it’s something I thought added to the flavour and made it different from creme brulee and french vanilla. Otherwise it would be pretty much the same. Having ordered all 3 of those at once, they are very similar, but each has their subtle unique qualities. If you like that flavour profile, you’ll probably enjoy but if you want as much variety as you can get, you should probably just stick to the french vanilla.

I hated peanut butter pie with a fiery passion.

I see you make matcha lattes a lot. How do you do it? I tried adding milk to matcha one time and the result was awful. LOL! But I keep hearing good things, so I know I must have just done something wrong.

Cavocorax said

CHAroma – if you don’t make lattes, how do you drink your matcha? Just hot? I’ve only done lattes so I’m curious.

Also, what do I think? 7 is a lot of matcha!

LOL! 7 is a lot…but I think I’m going to do it anyway! :D Hahaha, then y’all can read all my complaining notes about how I have more matcha than I can drink. ;)

And yes, I just add 175 degree water and blend in my Aeroccino.

This is how I make my hot matcha latte:

Sift matcha into a mug, I usually use 1/2-2/3 of a tsp. Add sugar if that is your preference. Add a couple of oz of 175 degree water. Stir until sugar is dissolved and then froth somehow (in my early days I used a fork but now I use an electric whisk). Add hot milk (8-10 oz). Stir again briefly. Drink.

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ashmanra said

My favorites are Bavarian Cream, which is lemony to me like a pastry, Caramel, and almond. I ADORE almond. My next order is going to be for Coconut. I did not like Belgium Chocolate (sic) very much and white chocolate was disappointing until I added some plain matcha to tone it down. I like strawberry and cheesecake. If I could only have a few in my cupboard, they would be almond, coconut, Bavarian Cream, and Caramel.

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Of all the ones I’ve had, my favs are Bavarian Cream, Egg nog, Pistachio, Brazilian Acai and Caramel. Oh, and the Tiramisu is pretty good too. The lemon in the Bavarian cream adds some nice interest – more than creme brulee and cheesecake. I overall like the non fruit matchas more.

Get pumpkin pie if you like spicy type teas, ie Pumpkin Chais.

Overall, the flavored ones are all way better as latte or smoothies – adding sweetner make the flavoring taste dead on.

ooh pistachio sounds good!

So, how do you make a latte? Do you whisk it in water first and then add milk? Or is it milk only? Hot or cold?

I like mine cold. 1 cup milk, 1/2 tsp matcha, 2 tsp sugar, shake with ice in a cocktail shaker! Or blend with extra sugar and matcha for a frappe.

Cold – with blender bottle, milk only and shake. Or simply smoothie it with other stuff in the blender.

Hot, eeehhh depends on lazyness. I sometimes whisk the matcha with a little 175f water to froth, and top with hot milk. Or just whisk with milk (too much is too messy and hard to combine), top with more milk and microwave a little, but no where near boiling. Hotter than 175F will get bitter.

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Courtney said

I have the Bavarian Cream, Caramel, Cheesecake, and Pumpkin Pie in my cupboard right now. My favourite is definitely the Cheesecake, followed closely by Caramel. I’m not a huge fan of the Bavarian Cream but I don’t really get anything citrus-y in it either, just not for me. I enjoy the Pumpkin Pie but I find I have to be in the right mood for it.

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Chelle said

I have caramel, boysenberry and cotton candy.
I absolutely love caramel and next cotton candy. I love the subtle flavor of the cotton candy.
I make mine as a frappe type in my blender at breakfast. Tastes sooooooo good.
I use 3/4 cup of lactose free milk or a combo of almond milk and coconut creamer, with 5-6 ice cubes, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 rounded teaspoon of matcha then blend till smooth.
My caramel is the matchacchino mix and is already sweetened, so no additional sugar, and I use a rounded scoop of matcha (came with matchacchino).
I am thinking about getting one of the vanilla flavored matchas so I can add various fruits for smoothies and maybe some protein powder on occasion.

Vanilla in smoothies is a brilliant idea.

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MissLena said

I LOVE the almond one! French vanilla is also quite tasty, and smells heavenly..I enjoy mixing that one with fruit ones I have as well, it adds a nice creamy note to them. I definitely agree with not getting too many at once though, I got 4 or 5 last time and opened 4 at once..not good, they are all half empty in the fridge and slowly losing a bit of flavor :( trying to drink 3 matchas a week so as to not overcaffeinate myself daily haha! I’m sure any of those flavors would be delicious though, I’ve enjoyed all the matchas I’ve tried from Red Leaf. :)

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I’ve been so tempted to order from them but all the customization makes me so nervous. How intense are the delicate to robust flavoring? I want to have a drink that is clearly matcha enhanced with flavor, not said flavor enhanced with match.

Also, how do the different matcha grades compare? How do white, red, black and green matcha differ? Thanks! :)

Chizakura said

I can’t answer all of your questions, but I can tell you that the robust is pretty much flavored enhanced with matcha. So definitely go on the lower end of the scale. White and black matcha are white and black tea respectively, and my assumption is that red is rooibos, but I could definitely be wrong on that account. I’ve heard mixed things about their red and black matchas, but their white matcha is supposed to be very good.
Hopefully someone with more knowledge of their matcha will answer the rest, because those are all answers I want to know too.

Yes, the different colored matcha are made from different tea bases. If you want traditional matcha, go for the green colored base. That’s the only one I’ve tried.

If you want the matcha flavor to be heavier than the added flavoring, then go for the delicate or distinctive level. I prefer heavily flavored matcha where the flavoring is equal to if not greater than the base, so I usually go for the robust level.

I can’t speak too much to the different matcha grades because I’ve only tried the classic/basic. I believe that royal and imperial grades are higher quality and supposedly taste better than the classic grade. Since it’s being flavored, I personally don’t see a lot of value in upping the grade. But I do know you can only get the royal or imperial grade for green matcha. Red, white, and black matcha have only the one grade (which I assume to be on par with classic).

Hope that helps!

wow thanks so much! You guys were so helpful :)

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