About to buy Red Leaf matcha...what do you think?

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Cavocorax said

So I was teasing you before about 7 being a lot. Now I’m thinking I might want to do the same as my birthday present in July. 7 is a lot, but then I’ll get the free international shipping so that helps to convince me!

I have a lot of samples of matcha to try and so far I’ve been happy with them all. I’ve got over a month to play with the idea! :P

I contacted the company and asked if the matcha would keep if I didn’t open the package. They said yes. So as long as I don’t open them all right away, but finish one and then open a new package, it’ll work out really well. I just can’t resist the savings!

Cavocorax said

It does seem like the best deal if you like matcha! I’d probably grab 1-2 tins and only have 2 packs open at at time.

I’ve never bought one of their tins. Does the package fit inside it, or do you empty the matcha straight into the tin?

Sil select said

i have 5 open at a time lol i like to be able to mix and match… :) in their tins…happy and tucked away

Cavocorax said

Are the tins enough, or are you supposed to refrigerate them?

ANd I’m not sure how big they are but I figure if they’re little I can just re-fill them and that means I’m opening the big bags less.

Lala said

I recall reading on one of these threads that open matcha can be kept in the fridge in a sealed container, and sealed/un-opened matcha can be kept in the freezer.

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