emily3cat said

Help me ID a tea, apparently from Taiwan

I hear from someone I know that this tea may be from Taiwan. It was a gift from someone I am no longer in touch with.

Can anyone tell me more about this tea based on the packaging?



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TeaVivre said

All I can know from the pictures is this tea is produced in Taiwan. And there is no information to show its tea name. Maye a Oolong tea?

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It’s in a green bag…. so its either green or a green oolong.
edit: the phone # is from taiwan. def. a taiwan tea

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emily3cat said

Hmm. Well, green from Taiwan. Hopefully someone else can read what’s on there. I like it, but I have no idea about how to find more if I don’t know what it is!

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Rie said

Hello! (‘u’)

The imprints on the package look like those made by a vacuum-sealed rolled oolong. Is the tea itself in round green rolls that unfurl? Also, that’s “高山” started in the first image, ‘High Mountain’. I think this is a High Mountain Oolong. Maybe mid-grade? since higher grades usually clearly label the specific region/mountain (ex. Li Mountain, Ali Mountain, etc).

Also, I’m not sure if there’s a certain standard regarding bag colors in the upper grades, but it doesn’t seem like bag color is always definitive since I’ve had mid-grade/grocery oolong in blue and yellow bags.

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tperez said

Oftentimes those types of bags are generic and used by different producers for different teas, so there isn’t much you can infer about it other than that it looks Taiwanese :( I’d guess a rolled oolong though.

Its probably a pretty tasty tea! If you open it up you can tell a bit more about it from the leaves, but if its a rolled high mountain oolong you can’t really tell the specific type by appearance.

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