hashiri sincha 2013 from dens tea

so I got this prized tea from dens this year, their most expensive. and I’ve been noticing it is very fishy, anyone else getting this? brewing tips?

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I haven’t noticed any fishyness, but it IS very finicky. I prefer it with a lot less leaf and more water and steep a bit longer than they recommend. Be sure your water isn’t too hot!

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moraiwe said

I’m not getting any fishyness either, but it can definitely get bitter if your water is anywhere above 190F or you oversteep. I use about 2.5 tsp/8 oz (which is just over half what they reccommend) and steep for 90 on the first, and 60 on the second (180F for both, typically) and haven’t had a bad cup yet with those parameters.

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