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Teaware Ratings on Steepster

For those who have not yet stumbled upon the Steepster Teaware category …

Steepster does not currently have a separate category for Teaware in its database. It only has categories for the different types of tea.

However, some resourceful person apparently came up with the idea to put Teaware into the space that was intended for the name of the tea company and the idea caught on.

To review the unofficial Teaware category:
1.) Type teaware into the white “Find a tea…” window at the top right corner of the Steepster page, you’ll see a drop-down menu of suggestions.
2.) Click on one of the choices. You’ll then see all the info for that item.
3.) Next, look at the top left corner of the Steepster page, you’ll see: “Teas › Companies › Teaware › ______”.
4.) Lastly, click on the word Teaware.

Congratulations, you’ve now found the unofficial Steepster Teaware category. Currently, there are 68 teaware items listed. Enjoy!

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K S said

Cool. Tanks for posting.

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looseTman said

Your welcome!

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