STEEPSTER BOOK CLUB: Add your book nominations here!!

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The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles has a chapter called Tea in the Sahara if I’m recalling correctly, but I’ve read it.

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Britt☮ said

I’d like to suggest “The Tea Rose” by Jennifer Donnelly, a historical fiction book taking place in 1880s London.

As long as the book that is chosen is available in Kindle format (can’t really get English books where I live, so Kindle’s been a lifesaver and really my only option), I will try to participate!

(In your research for as to how to run an online book club, I suggest checking out some of the groups on!)

Quite a few in my book group did a side read of this book and its sequel. They loved it.

Garrett said

Yeah, I’ve heard this one gets pretty interesting.

SoccerMom said

I have this book and have read it and it’s very LONG. I don’t know if a month would be long enough to read this one.

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Cofftea said

Since May is the month for Mothers’ Day we could read My Mother Loved Tea Book by David Bigelow.

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Lori said

After you mentioned it, Julia Child’s My Life in France…I have always wanted to read that one…

I loved this book and recommend it highly!

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Reminder – nominations close midnight eastern standard time tonight, Sunday April 18th! Voting begins shortly thereafter. I am gong to try to stay up until midnight, but if that fails I will do it first thing tomorrow morning!

silly one, go to sleep :) we can all vote in the morning! then again it might be funny to see what sillyness creeps into a poll at midnight

gmathis said

Agreed. Sleep. Late nights are highly overrated :o)

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Dinastea said

We recommend two books for (the site is in Spanish using translation) are essential and you for any lover of tea ,the first is “the book of tea” by Okakura Kakuzo undoubtedly an excellent text and the other "the Art of Tea "edition of Francis Amalfi, our vote is for 2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There a cult book, which link us to tea at an early age

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Jason admin said

If you can give me some advance notice on which book(s) you’re going to read, I can see if I can arrange for a discount or something with the author. That way everyone who wants to participate can buy the book at a discount through Select. [email protected]

Sure thing! I will shoot you an email!

Cofftea said

Jason, May and June were already announced:) Signed copies of “All the Tea in China” would be SO NICE.

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Did this ever go anywhere? I figured with the recent tea&books thread, it might be something fun to pick up again? Anybody interested??

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We did read For All the Tea in China, but then the club fizzled out. I would love to read together again :) Steepster has more members now, and maybe the book club will be able to move forward. If you’d like to take the ball and run with it, count me in :)

Yay I’d love to combine my love for books and tea (and social networking haha)! Anybody have book suggestions? Tea related or otherwise??

Erika M. said

This sounds like a fun idea. I would join.

JasonCT said

I’d def be interested (well depending on what all we read) but I’m up.

DaisyChubb said

I’m in ;)

Me tooooo!

missPrizm said

I love reading, so I’d be up for that depending on the book!

Ninavampi said

Me too!!! Hope we can all agree on something fun to read! :)

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There are a bunch of suggestions earlier in this thread. Maybe we can start a new thread and everyone can nominate a book. Then we can vote on it and start! A few days for submissions and a few days of voting could have us an August 2012 book :) MadelineAlyce would you like to make the threads? If you’d like help or can’t do it let me know. I’ll try again :)

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