Which tea was a surprise winner for you?

Sometimes there are those teas that just have everything going against them – an odd mix of flavors, an ingredient you normally hate, gross sounding description, etc – but end up slapping you in your tea-loving face with how unexpectedly delicious they are.

For me, it was DavidsTea Splash. The descriptions and tasting notes were intriguing (sea lettuce), but scary (sea lettuce). When I smelled it in the store, it was POTENT and very medicinal, but I was so curious that I just decided to go for it, and wow. The cardamom, peppermint, and ginger went perfectly together and there was a very cool ocean-y taste in the background. It was really refreshing and settled my stomach. It’s now my go-to for morning indigestion and a permanent fixture on my re-stock list.

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ifjuly said

I wasn’t expecting to love Den’s Tea Pineapple Sencha so much because I’m not crazy about fruity teas OR sencha usually, but I find myself craving it pretty much every single day. So good.

Sometimes Steepster really helps me find stuff (or give it a chance, ha) I never would otherwise, yay!

Awesome! I haven’t found a pineapple tea that I’m really crazy about yet. Maybe that will be the one :)

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Zeks said

I guess master Han’s ancient forest yabao from reserve club a while ago. I didn’t like the usual yabao Verdant is offering and wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be much differnt with a very distinctive “ripe buds” and woody flavor :)

Oh wow – that sounds so good. I haven’t really gotten into straight black teas, but I guess I should!

Zeks said

yabao is not black tea :)

Oh? Which is it? I just said black because that’s what it said here: http://steepster.com/teas/verdant-tea-special/34115-master-hans-ancient-forest-yabao

Zeks said

Lol, I don’t know why they listed it under black tea :) It’s completely different. It doesn’t fall into any category I think. Yabao is yabao. In this particular case – imagine brewing ripe spring resinous buds :) It smells and tastes exactly alike

Kittenna said

I thought yabao was more along the lines of pu’erh, if anything, but I really don’t know either.

Verdant has it under pu-erh on their website. It comes from the pu-erh trees. There is green pu-erh, maybe this counts as white pu-erh? I really don’t know what I’m talking about though :p

Dinosara said

Yes it’s most closely associated with puerh. Unfortunately there’s something about that listing where I can’t edit it (I’ve tried before).

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Strawberry pu’erh from Spice and Tea Exchange. I thought it would be odd, but it was SO good

inguna said

That does sound odd but I’m intrigued; I would probably give it a try.

Oh, wow! I’ve found that pu’erh doesn’t really pair very well with non-citrus fruits, but I probably just haven’t had the right one! It sounds like a really cool combo – glad to hear you like it!

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Della Terra’s Chocolate Orange Slice. It sounded good, but I hadn’t found many chocolate teas I really liked. And then I tried it… and yum! And also Anti V- Day Treat, the vanilla/ mint was really good.

Oooh maybe I will check that one out. I really liked DavidsTea’s chocolate orange pu’erh. So good! I’m usually not a big chocolate tea person, either, but mmmm. I am excited to try this one!

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Della Terra’s Candy Cane. I’m generally not a fan of chocolate or sprinkles in my tea, but this was seriously yummy. The mini candy canes were’re pretty cute too.

I’ve never even heard of Della Terra before! I hope they deliver to Canada! I’m not big on sprinkles in tea blends either, but I will definitely make exceptions on account of cuteness :)

They do ship to Canada, but I’m not sure how much rates are. I highly recommend them, especially if you like flavored teas. I’ve come across quite a few teas from them that I absolutely love.

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MaxR said

I tried out Mariage Freres Full Moon Party Black Tea and it smelled way too floral and almost chemical, but the tea itself was very subtle and oh so smooth.. digging this tea!

I love the name! Full Moon Party, heh. That’s held in Thailand, right? Would be fun to go sometime :)

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Verdant’s Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity. The mix of ingredients did not sound to me like it would mesh well (chamomile, fennel, mint, and chocolate) but of course it totally does. They are almost out of it, so I better stock up…

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