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Right now I’m sipping on the chilled third/fourth infusions of Adagio’s Black Dragon Pearls. I had the first & second infusions this morning, then realized that I was late getting to my Mom’s just after starting the third. So I poured it and a fourth infusion (since the color and taste was still relatively strong on the third so why not try a fourth) into a mason jar and stuck it in the fridge for later. Not too bad now.

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Happy Monday, everyone! I’m staying perky with some Tawainese Oolong and I’m cold-steeping some of Verdant’sJasmine (it’s an experiment) for the hot afternoon hours. Then after work I have a new Verdant order to tear into! Bwahaha, tea for days!

I’m also drinking cold-brewed Yunnan White Jasmin! Yum! >W<

I was looking forward to it, but found that it got strangely smokey. Did you notice this too? It tasted way different than it does when made the regular way.

That’s odd. It doesn’t taste smokey to me at all. Just more linen-like.

Hm… maybe it’s just me, then! It’s been an all around off day.

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My Adagio custom blend- Sweet Evening

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moraiwe said

Persimmon Tree Tea’s Periwinkle. I keep putting off reviewing it because I hate being first ^^;

Aw, go for it! :)

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Mrs. Tea said

Opus Rouge (from Teavana, don’t hurt me!). It tastes so good to me. I drink it hot with a dash of milk and a little bit of sugar. It absolutely relaxes me. I have it twice (once in the morning, once in the evening).

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ALL the teas! Bwahahaha.

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Dexter said

So I was making tamarind chutney today. Didn’t have any tamarind paste, but did have a block of tamarind. No problem, will just make my own paste. So I do that, and get the chutney to where I want it and realize that I still have a little bit of the paste left over. I of course think of Tamarind Pop by Butiki (which didn’t really work for me, but anyway).
I don’t really drink straight black tea, and only have a couple in my cupboard (I thought Laoshan Black might be too good for this experiment.)
I steeped a few cups worth of Bluebird’s Great British Cuppa (thanks Halliod for sending this to me), added a tablespoon of tamarind, and about a quarter cup of sweetener, tossed it in the fridge.
So the question is “what are you currently sipping on”, and the answer is a mad experiment – Bluebird’s Great British Cuppa with Tamarind, iced.
It’s actually pretty good.

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Confetti said

Verdant’s wonderful Spring Harvest Laoshan Green, in my perfect-for-me new Sky cup from Rishi. I love the crackled celadon and the substantial weight of this in my hand, and I love drinking with the leaves brewed sans infuser – they’re so pretty unfurling right under my nose. Sixth wistful pour is just a ghost of the warm-rainy-spring-meadow-nap-near-an-ocean thing that I get from this one, so soft and grassy sweet and satisfying. A little bite of raw walnut, a tiny waft of sweet apple, and succulent green-ness.
OK, a a drop of honey just for the last few sips, for fun, and now all done, sigh.
I never think of kitchen vegetables when I drink green tea – it’s more like mosses and ferns and grasses and raw nuts and what all sorts of wild botanicals would taste like if they tasted like they smell.
Such a good tea it makes me want to cry, I was just in the mood for it.
Goodnight tea-people. Sweet dreams.

Wow- thank you for this note, Confetti! I love the way you’ve described the Spring Laoshan Green, and will definitely have to make this my first cup of the morning in the office.

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sansnipple said

Spring 2013 Cui Ming from Yunnan Sourcing, it’s light, sweet, nutty, super fresh, and completely impossible to oversteep, everything one could want from a traditional chinese green. At first i thought it a bit lighter than i’d like, but it’s really growing on me.

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RiverTea said

Rooibos Creamy Coconut…yumm :)

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