Dashboard issues?

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Bonnie said

Jason fixed mine yesterday afternoon but this morning I emailed him because the issue still is occurring. No updates. Maybe the East Coast heat is causing power issues?

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I’m getting my messages from people, & every now & then a new review or 2 get added to the discussion feed. I know they are working on a new & improved steepster, so I kind of figure it has something to do with that.

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The Explore button is still working though, so you can see the tasting notes there.

K S said

And bonus, you might just find someone new to follow.

Yup, there is that too!

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Jason admin said

Yea, there’s been some unreliability from the workers (computer programs, not people workers) that run the updates. They’ll crash and we can’t get notices of that yet, so something they’ll be down and not updating the dashboard, but we won’t have noticed it.

The good news: this should be fixed (or at least a lot less common) in an update we’re almost ready to push out. We’re in the last phase of testing everything (although there are always bugs we miss) but once we get the update out the whole site should be a lot faster and more reliable.

Lala said

Thanks Jason! Can’t wait for all the new changes. Sipping my tea impatiently.

K S said

Awesome! thanks for updating us on this glitch.

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